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Contagium: Impure, Crushing Death

February 13, 2019

Contagium: Impure, Crushing Death

In the vein and tradition of old-school death comes Contagium hailing from New Hampshire. Up from the depths they drag with them their debut demo Impure, Crushing Death. Riddled with disease and hordes of corpses, this demo offers up five sickening tracks that are gut wrenching and purely vile. From beginning to end you are provided with one track right after another of nothing but flesh masticating death metal for your sickening enjoyment. This demo has a bleeding raw dissonant sound to it making the final product that much more filthy and disgusting overall.

Contagium wastes little time getting you acquainted with their disgusting sound as they burst through the crypts with a charging onslaught from the get go, never to look back as they march forth through each murky offering. Each of the five tracks within this demo are as sordid and filthy as the last, ladling nothing but disease infected death upon you for fifteen straight minutes. No filler, and no gimmicks, this is straight and pure death that aims for the throat from beginning to end.

Wicked and ever flesh consuming, this offering trudges forth, presenting you with one malevolent and malignant cut right after the next never to end until the bleeding as finally stopped. Within its short run time you are presented with five well crafted tracks of sordid death and nothing but. The sound is ancient, sinister and addled with enough stagnant blood to make your own curdle. With nasty riffs paired with ever blasting drumming and dissonant zombie like vocals, each offering provides you with a purely sinister listen.

This demo is solid from beginning to end, and with it being a debut demo it of course is rough around the edges but stands true to the old-school death sound. From beginning to end your skull gets blasted and your brain scooped out maliciously from the ever charging death assault. Impure, Crushing Death is a promising start from a promising death metal band hailing from the eastern part of the U.S.

Check out the track Subjugated to Strangulation from the demo below!

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