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Aseptic: Senses Decay

February 20, 2019

Aseptic: Senses Decay

Aseptic is a two piece death metal band hailing from San Jose, California, riddling their music with death, disease and decay. Through their demo Senses Decay, you come face to face with four flesh melting tunes that aim to drain your veins. Playing in the vein of old-school death, Aseptic keep it bleeding raw, filthy and down right grimy. With a stripped down, ever relentless assault, Aseptic rip and tear away at your jugular and flesh from beginning to end. This two piece assault is unapologetic and savage from the drop of the first flesh devouring note, never to cease their grave stomping affairs until the final contorted note rings through.

There are no gimmicks or fads to be seen here as Aseptic keep it ancient and foul throughout. This is pure death metal through and through, never wavering to other genres or other influences as what you get is four straight tracks of brain masticating death metal. Reeking of long since decayed, rigor mortis flesh, each cut from this demo is wicked and filled with enough grime to leave you in an early grave.

With their precise and buzzing attack, Aseptic rampage forth with riffs dripping in putrefaction, drums that crack open your battered skull and foul unearthly vocals that scream out from the crypts. Senses Decay is a truly grotesque and filthy offering, one that continues to shovel disease and death upon you in heaping droves with each passing second. From beginning to end you become trapped in their tomb of horrors, face to face with four grisly, flesh gnawing tracks that you simply cannot back away from.

This demo is incredibly enjoyable and infectious as it has you coming back for more and more sickness. Pure death, grisly, maiming, gruesome and filthy, exactly how death metal should be.

This demo will be unleashed on cassette through Redefining Darkness Records March 8, 2019 and Dark Blasphemies Records later in the year.

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