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Phrymerial: Xenomorphic Creation

February 22, 2019

Phrymerial: Xenomorphic Creation

In skin shredding technicality and spine snapping brutality, Phrymerial hailing from Spain unleashes their newest monstrosity Xenomorphic Creation. This eight track monster can be described as inhumane, brutal, flesh consuming and much more as each one of the eight offerings that are harbored within the sickening walls of this release are venomous and down right gruesome. From beginning to end, Phrymerial displays great technicality and great brutality to present you with something that is sure to smash your skull open to harvest what’s inside.

Nearly from the drop, Xenomorphic Creation is an overall aural assault in skull grinding proportions. With a two minute opener that is filled with crunching riffs and neck snapping break downs and unearthly vocals, you get a little taste of what is left to come from the remaining seven cuts. Once the opener fades in to darkness, the true meat of the record gets to shine as Phrymerial unleash one hellish offering one right after another. Aiming to gut, maim and brutalize, Phrymerial march forth with their overall destructive sound to offer up a sound that is anvil heavy and spine bending.

Each track features frenetic play that features razor sharp riffs, ever blasting drumming and disgustingly monstrous vocals, only for this band to cut to a break down that leaves you pile driven straight in to the crust of the earth. Through each track you are greeted with both furious and technical musicianship as well as slow yet anvil heavy break downs that do their best to eviscerate and desecrate. Phrymerial does a great job of balancing the two as they offer up a varied and highly technical sound throughout.

There isn’t a track within this release that is lacking in any capacity as each offering is just as solid as the last. There are no breaks in action, and even when the interlude smack in the middle of the record appears, even that doesn’t offer too much reprieve. From the very get go, Xenomorphic Creation is a ballistic and savage release, never relenting or slowing as it continues its flesh masticating march toward death and demise.

Xenomorphic Creation is a solid record through and through that provides you with a wicked amount of bone shattering metal that is sure to leave you a bloodied pulp. Each of the eight tracks here are vicious, filthy, technical, well put together onslaughts of pure destructive metal that is sure to scoop your brains from your skull.

Xenomorphic Creation is out now through Vomit Your Shirt and Miasma Records.

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