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A Vintage Death: Acrid Death Fragrance

March 1, 2019

A Vintage Death: Acrid Death Fragrance

Hailing from Italy is A Vintage Death, and burning up through the frost with them is their debut demo titled Acrid Death Fragrance. Frozen together in bone chilling permafrost, death, doom and black metal come together to create an all together frigid and deadly sound. Through each of the five offerings that are harbored within this title, A Vintage Death does a great job of mixing all three genres together to create a cohesive and well rounded sound. Never does one particular genre over shadow the others as each work in sickening harmony to create a grim, deadly and overall deadly sound.

A Vintage Death employs each genre within each track at times that they are needed, forever twisting each track in to a different direction. At times you will get a face full of ripping death, at other times you are greeted by frigid black metal and at other turns you come face to face with plodding doom that trudges forth gifting you with an atmospheric and at times melancholic sound. Each genre has their place through each of the five tracks and each are sewn together in such a way that creates an comprehensive and cohesive sound.

There is a lot of diversity throughout this demo and a lot to pick up which makes you want to keep coming back for more listens. This is a very solid demo through and through as the musicianship is great, the dissonant raspy vocals are on point and the overall ambiance is as wicked and frigid as you would hope it to be. Each cut from this release provides you with plenty of variety and diversity throughout which in turn gifts you with numerous twists and turns to look forward to.

Overall, Acrid Death Fragrance is a very well done and executed offering, one that can be and should be listened to many times over. There isn’t a weak track throughout as each one is just as solid as the last gifting you with an overall very entertaining and engaging listen.

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