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Six of Swords: Regime Decay-Polar Vortex

March 6, 2019

Six of Swords: Regime Decay-Polar Vortex

Since their inception, Toronto’s Six of Swords has been making quite a name for themselves in the underground and certainly for good reason. These heathens play an utterly damning and wicked style of death metal firmly rooted in the vein of 90’s death metal. They are wicked, filthy, bloodied and down right neck snapping heavy. Regime Decay-Polar Vortex is a compilation of their two EPs that have been released up until this point, meaning what you get is ten straight tracks of mutilating death metal for your twisted enjoyment.

Each of the ten offerings that are harbored within the title are as blasphemous and blood boiling as you would hope them to be. One right after another, each track barrels forth with malicious and malevolent intent aiming to mutilate and send you to an early damp grave. There isn’t a track present that isn’t a bulldozing effort of nothing but grimy and filth covered death metal that leaves you buried under droves of viscera. These skull grinding efforts are exactly that. They are relentless and ceaseless onslaughts of pure mayhem fueled death metal that is sure to get your neck twisted and your skull scooped out before your listen is over.

While employing slower more groove filled moments, Six of Swords ramps the tempo up when needed to provide you with a truly spine breaking sound that is hard to shake. Each of the ten tracks here are intense, slaughtering offerings of death that are innately brutalizing and dehumanizing, leaving you to be nothing more than a husk at the end of it all. With destructive riffs, throat slashing vocals and ever pummeling drumming, Six of Swords offers up an intense, massive and addictive sound that will have you coming back for more and more punishment.

This is straight up chilling, flesh masticating death metal in the most pure form. Regime Decay-Polar Vortex is an enjoyable and highly entertaining offering that you will end up leaving on repeat for some time to come. This is a great release that mashes both of their EPs together in an all around great showcase that ultimately gets you prepared for what these corpse hoarders have to offer next.

Regime Decay-Polar Vortex will be released March 29th through Raw Skull Recordz and Redefining Darkness.

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