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Hnus Umirajici: S/T

March 8, 2019

Hnus Umirajici: S/T

Hailing from the Czech Republic comes Hnus Umirajici with their self titled debut full length. This self titled release contains seven total tracks of black metal with hints of doom and even death metal. Each of the seven tracks here are well constructed, foreboding and damning offerings that drag you further and further away from the light the more each second ticks off the run time. After an interesting, foreboding intro fades in to obscurity, Hnus Umirajici kicks things in to gear with a furious and demonic full opening track.

The full opening track comes straight out of hell’s gate to meet you face to face with ripping riffs that are only to be supplemented by tumultuous drums, dissonant, raspy and hellish vocals. The opening track keeps the furious pace for the most part, only to slow down a bit toward the middle to provide you with a sinister mid tempo romp through the graveyard. The intro is unique and foreboding which atmospherically sets the tone while this opener sets the tone for the metallic onslaught that is about to press onward toward darkness. Each track that follows, follows in similar foot steps where you get a great variety of blasting pure black metal that fades toward more doom-centric sounds that march you toward your demise.

Through and through, this offering has a unique feel and sound to it that is hard to explain. Each cut offers up something new and different that you may not have heard in previous tracks making this entire release varied and diverse throughout. Throughout this record you won’t hear the same thing twice or something recycled as Hnus Umirajici comes at you with different styles and sounds. The mixture of black metal and bits of doom and death metal work well here as they ultimately greet you with an evil, sinister and overall heavy sound that is hard to forget.

With the underlying atmospherics through each track that are a great addition to each one, these seven offerings are well rounded and cohesive efforts that keep you listening. The musicianship is great, the vocals are monstrous when needed and dissonant hellish screams when needed, the atmosphere is ever shifting and wicked, the production is solid and the way that everything comes together within this release is great. Overall, this self titled debut is entertaining and solid through and through, never to greet you with a weak track, always to greet you with a sinister brain bruising affair.

This release is out now through MetalGate Records.

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