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Fallujah: Undying Light

March 11, 2019

Fallujah: Undying Light

Since their inception in 2007, Fallujah has been a juggernaut on a tear unleashing two demos, two EPs and with three full length albums up until this point. Their fourth full length is titled Undying Light and features ten incredible tracks of technical progressive death metal. This offering flows well from one track to the next making it out to be a cohesive and comprehensive death metal endeavor. Even though each offering can stand and shine alone, this record deserves to be listened to non stop, front to back to appreciate its full scope.

From the very beginning, Undying Light has a great ability to draw you in and keep you listening for its entirety. Never are you to waver from the listen as each track draws you in more and more with the passing of each second. Undying Light is a wholly gripping and entertaining listen, one that you ultimately get lost in and stuck in for some time to come. Each track off this record is just as good as the last. Without filler, without fluff, Fallujah marches forth, ushering one track of slick technical death metal out at a time keeping you entertained and gripped from beginning to end.

Through and through, each cut harbored within the title is a well constructed offering that boasts superb musicianship, throat straining vocals and an atmosphere that is quite undeniable. As intricate and mesmerizing as the musicianship throughout is, the atmosphere in which Fallujah provides throughout is just as gripping and hypnotic. The floating, serene atmosphere that underlies each track draws you in further and further. The atmosphere and ambiance is outstanding throughout, providing you with diversity and a hypnotic quality that you surely cannot shake.

Undying Light is a great record all around as it gifts you with ten very solid, damn near perfect tracks. Fallujah continues to push the envelope here as they provide you with a unique and addicting sound that you cannot get out of your head. As heavy as this release is, it is just as mesmerizing and captivating which ultimately has you coming back for more. This is a great record, one that surprises and delights, one that is entirely entertaining and gripping as well as one that should not be slept on.

Undying Light will be released March 15 through Nuclear Blast.

Check out the official music video for Ultraviolet from the upcoming record below!

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