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Reaper-X: Rise

March 12, 2019

Reaper-X: Rise

Hailing from the UK is Reaper-X and with them comes their debut full length titled Rise. Through this release you come to greet nine total tracks that range from a variety of topics that include war, suicide, going to shows and moshing to more. Rise is a diverse and varied record, one that holds your attention for its entirety as it ushers forth track after track of thrashing intensity. This release delivers and then some and as a debut full length it is quite impressive. Reaper-X showcases their eclectic abilities throughout the entirety of their album making it to be an overall entertaining and memorable offering.

Reaper-X start their record with a great instrumental that ultimately sets the overall tone for the remainder of the record. The near two minute intro is a looming and heavy handed instrumental that brings to light what you are about to hear for the remaining eight offerings. What you can come to expect are heavy powerful riffs that are supplemented by ever pummeling drums and vicious vocals that pour through the wall of thrashing madness. For the majority of the tracks here they are up tempo romps influenced by thrash but with a little bit more of a modern touch to them making them even more memorable.

Each track here has something new to offer and bring forth and flesh out. Not a single track sounds like another as Reaper-X does a great job mixing things up to provide you with plenty of variety and diversity throughout. Each cut here is a well constructed and well performed metallic assault that gets your fist pumping and your head banging before you know it. Rise is an infectious record, one that is hard to turn away from and one that is easy to come back to when you need a good dosage of thrashing madness. As a whole, this record gets stuck rattling around in your brain for some time to come, never to relinquish its grip on you.

Reaper-X employs a lot of different styles all throughout Rise, giving enough time to each style to let each track breathe and play out as it should. As heavy and brain mashing as the majority of the tracks can be, Reaper-X shows that they can tone things down a bit with the track Adrift. Adrift is a slower thoughtful song that displays the vocalists range as he gifts you with cleans that work so well with the track overall. This track is a softer, not so cranium sanding track that you may not think fits with the rest of the tracks, but does in reality fit well. Adriftis yet another example of Reaper-X’s diversity and ability to play in a style that does not have to be completely balls to the wall heavy.

Overall, Rise is a solid record through and through. With plenty of diversity, different genres thrown in the mix at times, and with a showcasing of a complete tonal shift with Adrift, Reaper-X really has it all through this record. With great musicianship, solid vocals and diversity in subject matter, there is a lot here for just about anyone and everyone to enjoy. This is an entertaining and memorable release as well as just an overall solid debut full length.

Rise will be released March 12 through Sliptrick Records.

Check out the lyric video for the title track below!

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