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Eugenic Death: Under The Knife

March 13, 2019

Eugenic Death: Under The Knife

Thrashing mad straight out of North Carolina comes Eugenic Death. Since their inception in 2010, Eugenic Death released their debut Crimes Against Humanity in 2012 and in 2014 began working on their next offering Under The Knife. Five years later these thrash hounds are set to unleash this beast of a record that includes seven total tracks of nothing but thrashing madness. Through and through, from beginning to end you become subject to excellent spine bending thrash anthems one right after another. Each track is just as furious and whiplash inducing as the ones that came before it, gifting you with a truly entertaining and adrenaline pumping offering that is hard to get out of your head.

Eugenic Death wastes no time getting you acquainted with their torrid sound as they immediately jump set off with their opening track Indoctrinate. From Indoctrinateforward, Eugenic Death marches onward supplying you with droves of neck bending thrash for your devilish enjoyment. From beginning to end Eugenic Death does not slow their assault or cease their relentless attack as they usher forth track after track of razor sharp thrash metal that cuts to the bone. Under The Knife is pure thrash that is filled with memorable tracks that will rattle around in your brain for quite some time.

Filled with great musicianship that includes razor sharp riffs that are supplemented by scorching solos, pummeling drum work, great bass lines and gritty, filthy vocals, Under The Knife is a heavy maelstrom of thrash. Each track is just as solid as the last as each one is a well constructed offering of brain bruising metal. There isn’t a track here that is weak or feels out of place as each of the seven here bring something new and heavy to the gnarled table. Each cut is built to get your head banging and your brain mashing against your skull leaving a clear imprint on your mind.

These in your face ferocious offerings are entirely entertaining and memorable and have you coming back for more and more thrashing madness. There is no filler here, no gimmick, and nothing that makes you feel as though tropes or fads are being followed as Eugenic Death keep everything raw and straight forward. You cannot go wrong with this release as you are greeted with one excellent track right after another. This is not just a great thrash release, but a great album overall that deserves to be spun until it is worn out.

Under The Knife will be released March 15 through Heaven and Hell Records.

Check out the promotional video for Under The Knife below!

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