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Bather: S/T

March 15, 2019

Bather: S/T

Meshing the likes of hardcore with elements of death metal, d-beat, some sludge and punk to create an overall pissed off and ultimately neck bending heavy sound is Bather. With their self titled release, Bather unleashes six tracks that are all just as heavy and skull smashing as the last. Never to cease and never to relent in their aural assault, Bather trudges from one track to the next to offer up an incredibly dark and destructive sound that is hard to deny. Each of the six offerings that are harbored within the title are equally savage and bone breaking, never gifting you with a moment of solace.

Nearly from the get go, Bather unleashes hell as they supply you with sickeningly heavy riffs that are backed by equally bone shaking bass lines and jarring drumming that are all complimented by unearthly monstrous vocals. All of these elements come together within each of the six tracks that are present to provide you with a non stop metallic assault that aims to tear you apart. As a whole, this self titled release is a savage and bone breaking offering that gets you smashing your brain against your skull against your better judgement. Each track is a non stop neck bending and head banging affair.

With each genre that Bather employs to create their overall nasty sound, they all come together in sickening harmony to provide you with a cohesive and wicked overall sound. Never once do your bones stop rattling as Bather ushers forth track after track of ceaseless violence and mayhem. Bather does a great job through each track switching tempos and sounds as they offer up a slower trudging sound that is akin to sludge then promptly switch gears to a more up tempo romp more akin to death metal and back again. These tempo and style changes are utilized effectively throughout each cut, gifting you with a varied and diverse listen. Never are you to hear the same thing twice throughout this self titled offering as Bather does a great job balancing each genre they employ as well as the great tempo shifts.

This release is a monster, one that deploys a menacing and destructive sound that is not to be ignored. Each offering is a force of metallic reckoning that aims to claim your life before the final second ticks off the clock. These tracks are well constructed hymns of destruction and mayhem that never slow their roll until the final note rings through. Overall, this is a very solid release. One that is pissed off, heavy as an anvil and filled with enough variety to keep you coming back for more foundation shaking madness. As short as this release is, it packs quite a punch and packs enough great brain rattling content within it to keep you entertained and engaged. Bather aims for the jugular here and they hit their mark.

This self titled release will be unleashed April 12 through Appalachian Noise Records.

Check out the official single All Dark Rooms from the upcoming release below!

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