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Wounds: Light Eater

March 18, 2019

Wounds: Light Eater

In great precision and technical ability, tech death monsters Wounds are set to unleash their debut EP Light Eater. This just over twenty minute mashing of brains is a powerhouse of a release. Packed to the bursting point with five insane tracks, Light Eater is something to behold. From beginning to end you become trapped in the pure maelstrom of flesh ripping death. Pummeling, destructive and down right skull sanding, Light Eater is everything that you would come to expect and want from these corpse hoarders. From track one to track five, Wounds offers up a sound that is relentless and punishing, gifting you with no moment of reprieve as you are marched toward your demise.

Light Eateris an intricate and surgical release, one that is filled with great technicality, diversity and jam packed with tracks that aim to shred you from head to toe. The overall sound of this release is refined and cohesive as each one of the five cuts here are well constructed offerings of brain splattering death. Not a moment is wasted throughout this release as Wounds ushers forth track after track of vein draining death that is sure to leave you as nothing more than a husk when all is said and done.

With flesh shredding riffs coupled with acrobatic drumming and grisly vocals, Wounds offers up a mind spinning and neck snapping sound that is hard to deny. Each track is a well constructed storm of death and malice that tears you to pieces with the passing of each second. Light Eater is a staggering technical display of death metal that cannot be denied. This EP is a destructive force through and through, one that gifts you with five excellent tracks that are bound to rip your head from your shoulders.

This is technical death metal at its finest. Light Eateris a ceaseless aural assault that is as bone crushing and marrow draining as you would imagine and hope it to be. As this release leans toward the shorter side, it still packs quite the massive punch leaving you knocking on death’s door. Each of the five tracks here are brilliantly intricate and wonderfully technical and well put together, gifting you with five straight tracks of nothing but terrorizing technical death metal. Overall, Light Eater is a release to behold, one that is excellently crafted and executed to provide you with some of the sickest technical death metal.

Light Eater will be unleashed April 19 through Everlasting Spew Records.

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