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Sanguinary Trance: Wine, Song and Sacrifice

March 21, 2019

Sanguinary Trance: Wine, Song and Sacrifice

Hailing from Austria comes black metal fiends Sanguinary Trance with their debut EP Wine, Song and Sacrifice. After being founded in 2013 and after years of honing their craft and experimenting with different styles, Sanguinary Trance finally unleashed their monster of an EP titled above. This offering contains three tracks of the blackest of metals which contain mature and great song writing the likes of which are not seen even in bands that have been around for much longer. Each offering within this release offer something different and unique as Sanguinary Trance shows off their black metal and unique chops through each track.

The first track to make its appearance happens to be the title track. This offering is over thirteen minutes in length providing you with a true unfolding beast of an opening track. This cut is something to behold as it has a little bit of everything thrown in the mix and really gives you an excellent taste of what Sanguinary Trance really can do. The opener is epic, driven and down right blasphemous as it provides you with nothing but thirteen straight minutes of superb black metal. As this track unfolds it becomes increasingly ruthless and barbaric. This mystical multi headed beast of an opener is powerful and potent, gripping you tighter with each passing second that ticks off of its run time. The opener is an incredibly well put together track and incredibly well written, one that grabs a hold of you and your attention for its entirety that makes you follow the remainder of the EP in to the abyss.

Once the opener concludes, the second Carvings appears from the bitter mist to offer up a more cold and soul slashing blackened sound. Carvings follows more of the traditional black metal sound as it comes at you scythes brandished mystique gone as you become under siege by a truly sharpened weapon of black metal malevolence. This five minute grave destroyer is just that as it rampages forth without so much as a break in the aural assault. From beginning to end, Carvings hits you from all sides with sharpened riffs, dissonant ripping vocals and tumultuous drumming, jarring you and making your head spin. This vampyric offering is blood thirsty and aimed straight at your throat from the drop of the first gnarled cavernous note. Carvings is an impressive blackened assault never to relent for its entire five minute run time.

The third and final track The Dionysos Whip even offers up something completely different than what you heard in the previous two tracks. Diving straight in to dissonant chaos with a horrifying psychedelic twist, this offering is truly blistering and unique. The Dionysos Whip features sounds, melodies and more that you have not heard these heathens employ before making this track truly unique and different. With that said however, this offering is just as accosting and cynical as the previous two tracks as it cuts to the bone all the same, just utilizing different techniques.

Wine, Song and Sacrifice is truly an EP to behold. Through three offerings it is incredibly varied and unique, each track bringing something different to the gnarled and chewed up blackened table. With ripping riffs, a greatly varied vocal delivery, machine gun drumming and an overall raw and powerful production, Wine, Song and Sacrifice is an excellent EP. This is an unmistakably superb and a very well rounded debut offering.

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