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Masochist: Chaos of World Possession

March 22, 2019

Masochist: Chaos of World Possession

Taking ques from 90’s US death metal, Masochist storms forth with malice and malevolence with their debut offering Chaos of World Possession. This EP is packed to the gut bursting point with six bone cutting and flesh ripping tracks that are sure to leave you a bloodied mess once all is said and done. Without taking a look at the release date of Chaos of World Possession, one would think that it was in fact released in the era of 90’s death metal. The overall sound is raw yet technical and deadly making this EP out to be a true terror and menace.

There is no reprieve from the vein draining onslaught in which Masochist serves up on a bloodied platter. From the very beginning you become trapped in their viscera soaked maelstrom of death and pure chaos. From track one to track six, you come under siege one track right after the next of flesh gnawing death. This relentless EP is just that. You are not granted a moment of solace until the final blood soaked note has rang through as Masochist marches forth from track to track providing you with nothing but wicked and malignant death.

With gut churning riffs, savage bass lines, heavy handed tumultuous drumming and unearthly throat cutting vocals, Masochist has it all here. Each track that is harbored behind the title here is just as vicious and gut ripping as the last. As a whole, this EP is pure savagery and barbarity as it chips away at your skull and lets the blood from your veins. Chaos of World Possession is a relentless release, one that eviscerates, maims and aims for the throat, only to tear and shred until you are nothing but a bloody pulp.

Chaos of World Possessionis a vile and gruesome release, one that accosts you from beginning to end, suffocating you under the droves of viscera and pure malignant death. The gnarled, chewed up sound that this release emits is a welcome one, one that you know is filled with barbaric savagery. Through and through, this debut EP impresses and the more that you listen, the more that it does impress. You cannot go wrong here with Masochist and their EP Chaos of World Possession as it is a pure, bloodied and filthy death metal offering to the tee. This is sure to please your gnarled ears.

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