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Ripped To Shreds: Eight Immortals Feast

March 23, 2019

Ripped To Shreds: Eight Immortals Feast

Just shy of a year after unleashing their debut full length, Ripped To Shreds is back with a three track demo that goes by the title Eight Immortals Feast. This beast of a demo features two brand new tracks as well as a cover of Insect Warfare’s Pestilent Excruciation. Coming in at under ten minutes total, Eight Immortals Feast offers up as much punishment in as little time possible. The two new tracks are precise flesh rippers that offer no reprieve or room to breathe as they come at you in deadly waves of death and despair. From the drop of the first note you understand that you are in for a devilish and compromising affair that aims to take your life before the final second ticks off of the run time.

With throat slashing riffs and bone shaking drumming only to be coupled with cadaver awakening vocals, each of the two new tracks here bleed your veins and cut straight to the bone. These bone gnawing tracks accost you from all fronts from beginning to end, testing to see if you remain standing after all is said and done. Each track is just as cutting and malevolent as the other as each one offers up nothing but bleeding raw and brutalizing death for your consumption.

As short as Eight Immortals Feast is, it packs more than a brain splattering punch. When one track ends, the other begins just as quickly never to gift you any breathing room, only to suffocate you under droves of death. Eight Immortals Feast is a fast, ever pressing offering, one that grips you by the throat from the very beginning. Destructive and appendage severing, this demo marches forth leaving nothing but bodies and carnage in its wake.

Once again, Ripped To Shreds impresses. This demo leaves you wanting more malignant death which ultimately leaves you putting this demo on repeat for some time to come. This is an engaging and overall eviscerating release that packs enough grisly content in it for you to keep coming back to. This is pure death that reeks of carnage and putrefaction, and it surely will please your gnarled ear drums.

Eight Immortals Feast is out now through Nameless Grave Records.

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