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Tenebro: Demo

March 26, 2019

Tenebro: Demo

In gruesome death metal fashion, Tenebro offers up a sound that comes complete with chugging, skull grinding riffs coupled with ever chest cracking drumming, spine rattling bass lines and vocals that seem to be utterly inhuman. Within their demo, Tenebro offers up three sickening and terrorizing tracks. As short as this offering it it certainly does not skimp on brutality and gut churning intensity. From beginning to end you feel as though you are being led to your grave for you to lie in it nothing but a bloodied pulp once all is said and done.

These Italian reapers waste little time getting you acquainted with their overall raw and pulverizing sound as they usher forth their opener immediately. Once the demo begins you know that you are in for quite the grisly treat as Tenebro bring forth terror and great malevolence from the drop of the first gnarled note. Each of the three tracks here are as deadly and blood curdling as the last making this demo out to be purely barbaric and eviscerating.

This is straight forward bulldozing death metal and nothing but. There is nothing here to compromise the overall blood letting death metal visceral sound as Tenebro is as straight forward as you could imagine. Tenebro lumbers from track to track never to gift you with a moment of silence as they usher forth their next offering aimed to bring you to your maker. Ever vein draining and ever skull smashing, Tenebro is ceaseless in their assault and unapologetically so. Each of the three cuts here slash deep and gnaw at your flesh until it is stripped away completely. These are nasty and gnarled offerings, ones that can possess and mutilate.

Overall, this demo is a very solid one. It is short but even so it is gritty and as pulverizing as you would hope. In their straight forward death metal approach, Tenebro offer up something here that is undeniably heavy and unmistakably gruesome death metal. This is a very solid demo through and through, one that churns the innards and is sure to please the ears of death metal fans all over.

This demo will be released through Desert Wastelands Productions May 1.

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