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Crush The Altar: Abhorrent Oblation

March 28, 2019

Crush The Altar: Abhorrent Oblation

Exploring the darker regions of thrash while mixing in some death metal undertones comes Crush The Altar with their newest nefarious offering Abhorrent Oblation. With three tracks behind the title, this offering is a ripping and flesh shredding beast that comes packed with slicing memorable riffs that are only to be backed by solid bass work, pounding drumming and larynx shredding vocals. From track one to track three you become subject to a maelstrom of sinister and down right malevolent metal. Never are you really gifted a moment of solace as Crush The Altar comes at you in waves, ushering forth track after track of brain bruising thrash.

There is no filler here and no time wasted as Crush The Altar immediately jumps right in to their gnarled and twisted sound. The combination of death metal and thrash here flesh out a sound that is all together deadly and down right blood letting. Each offering is an ever pressing and ceaseless thrashing assault from beginning to end. Technical, malevolent and ever skull grinding, each of the three tracks here offer up something that gets you mashing your brain against your skull for the entirety of their run time. You will have a hard time sitting still while listening to Abhorrent Oblationas each track does a great job of getting under your skin and embedding themselves in your brain for some time to come.

The mixture of death and thrash here is great as the thrash elements are the main focus where the death metal elements are featured more as undertones bringing forth a deadly and malignant sound. You get all of the great thrash staples with the added bonus of poisonous death that bleeds your veins and leaves you as nothing more than a husk. Each of the three tracks here are assaulting efforts that accost you from all angles through each passing second. Abhorrent Oblation as a whole is a wicked and highly engaging offering that gets you head banging before you know it only to induce whiplash once all is said and done.

Abhorrent Oblation is a highly entertaining offering that keeps your attention never to let it waver. Each cut is just as good as the last making this to be a well rounded and cohesive offering. Crush The Altar shows their great song writing and technical ability here through only three offerings making you coming back and wanting more. This is a very solid effort through and through, one that will not only please fans of thrash but fans of death metal as well.

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