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Ohio Slamboys: Zombie Killing Process

April 1, 2019

Ohio Slamboys: Zombie Killing Process

Enlightening the world of the process in which to kill zombies are the brutal death bulldozers the Ohio Slamboys. With their upcoming new eight track release titled Zombie Killing Process, Ohio Slamboys provide you with nothing but groove filled brutal death that takes you through the process of disposing of zombies. More than zombie disposal, Ohio Slamboys offer up gut churning tracks one right after another. With flesh tearing riffs that are paired with skull caving drumming and vocals that cannot possibly be human, each offering here is a bulldozer of pure brutal death and nothing but.

Ohio Slamboys waste little time getting you completely acclimated and acquainted to their sound as they set in with their innards chewing sound right from the get go. Save for the few intros before the barbarity hits, this release is a ceaseless assault as it barrels forth maiming and mutilating without slowing or blinking an eye. Each offering here is a savage and torturous affair that aims at the throat, ripping it from your neck. One track rolls right to the next, bleeding your veins and disposing of your corpse in a damp grave.

Zombie Killing Processsounds like a bloodied romp through hordes of diseased and stagnant flesh, and that’s a good thing. Each track here is viscera soaked and vile cut that are just as ceaseless as you would hope them to be. With little time to prepare yourself for the next wave of blistering onslaught, Ohio Slamboys suffocates you under droves of rotting flesh and stolen marrow. Each track is just as sickening and vile as the last making this release to be a bloodied and down right brain bruising entertaining listen.

This is a solid release through and through. Zombie Killing Process is a straight forward brutal death metal release. No reinvention of the wheel comes off of this record, but that isn’t what Ohio Slamboys were going for here. What they were going for here is a pulverizing and brain masticating record and sound, and they succeeded. This is a heavy skull bashing offering, one that makes you feel as though you have been battered with a lead pipe.

Zombie Killing Process will be unearthed May 25 through Pathologically Explicit Recordings.

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