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Gorgonchrist: The Blood of Endangered Species

April 12, 2019

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Gorgonchrist: The Blood of Endangered Species

In a true cacophony of industrial madness, Gorgonchrist emerges from the bitter shadows to grace us with their ever twisted release The Blood of Endangered Species. This seven track offering provides you with nothing but savagery and nihilism from beginning to end. This offering of mechanized mutilation is just that as it pushes the boundaries of industrial metal among others to provide you with a truly accosting aural assault. Each of the seven tracks that are present within this release are just as bloodied and wicked as the ones that came before it. With no reprieve, Gorgonchrist usher forth track after track of bulldozing noise that is sure to make your skull rattle and your ears bleed.

The Blood of Endangered Species is an unhinged and unfiltered slab of gruesome metal that throws you for loops and twists that you have no time to prepare for. This release is pure madness as it tears at your psyche and melts your brain within its concise seven cuts of maddening noise that you will have a hard time getting out of your head. The Blood of Endangered Species sounds exactly like an acid trip gone south as you become under siege by numerous jarring sounds that depict, and paint soundscapes that are wholly unnerving and nihilistic. Each offering is just as accosting and savage as the last as each one provides you with pure mechanized sonic torment for the entirety of their run times.

With crusted riffs and nightmarish vocals all tied together with the chaotic string that is the industrial and electronic elements, you get a sound that is jarring and skin crawling. Nothing within this release will make you feel at ease and comfortable as it aims to make you as uncomfortable and feel as unpleasant as you possibly can. Gorgonchrist’s ceaseless aural assault is something to behold as they have complete disregard to life in general as they usher forth track after track of brutalizing and ear drum gnawing noise.

This release as a whole is a cacophony of blistering, nihilistic noise that will infest your brain like a parasite. The Blood of Endangered Species is a bitter, dark and twisted release, one that provides you with droves of malicious noise one track after another. With that said, it is hard to turn away from this record all the same. As jarring and wicked as it is, it still is gripping and engaging all the same. Each track is a well put together maelstrom of sickness and nihilism making the entire record to be a well constructed and well rounded offering of despair and sickness. The unique style in which Gorgonchrist plays is hard to ignore and so is this record.

The Blood of Endangered Species is out now through Clobber Records.

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