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Blutfeld: Kingdom of Mine

April 16, 2019

Blutfeld: Kingdom of Mine

Established in 2015 in the dark, dense forests of Sweden is Blutfeld. After four years of work, Blutfeld is ready to unleash their debut EP titled Kingdom of Mine. This offering comes complete with six wicked tracks of melodic death metal. Not only is Kingdom of Minewholly melodious, but it is just as atmospheric and gripping as well. Through each track you feel as though you are set right in the middle of the story that Blutfeld conveys through their deadly assault. Each track is palpable and engaging, making you come back for more melodious death.

Kingdom of Mine opens with the intro titled Fanfare, which sounds almost exactly as the title suggests. Once Fanfare comes to an end, the second track Natural Born Leader appears from the battlefield to grace you with your first foray in to the realm in which Blutfeld has created. This first full track embodies everything as described above. It is melodic and atmospheric death metal done excellently. Natural Born Leader begins with an up tempo march through the mist providing you with menacing riffs that are backed by ever pressing drumming and unearthly vocals. Half way through the track, Blutfeld slows things down to a crawl providing you with a completely different sound than what you had heard in the first half of the track. The second half of the cut crawls forth with a more atmospheric approach complete with excellent clean clean vocals and a gripping solo, only for Blutfeld to break that mold once more to provide you with their established up tempo death metal march.

Natural Born Leader has everything in it that you will come to expect from the remaining tracks on Kingdom of Mine, and Blutfeld delivers. Through the remaining four offerings, Blutfeld provides you with great melodious death metal that is backed by great ambiance that makes every track palpable and highly engaging. Each offering here is just as good as the track(s) that came before it. Through each track you will hear something that you have not heard in previous tracks as Blutfeld does a great job of providing you with diversity and variety, forever keeping you interested and listening to their great brand of death metal.

With great musicianship, great song writing, great ambiance and atmosphere, Blutfeld provides you with a listen that is entertaining, engaging and memorable. The way in which Blutfeld writes their tracks makes you feel as though you are in the thick of the story that they are telling. Each of the six tracks that are present within this title are performed and executed very well, making this to be an overall cohesive and well rounded offering that will get stuck in your head for some time to come.

Kingdom of Mine is a very solid debut outing for these Swedish death fiends, and with hints of Amon Amarth running through the veins of each track, you really cannot go wrong. Kingdom of Mine has it all through this record, and if you are looking for overall solid and entertaining melodic death metal, you don’t have to look much further than this EP.

Kingdom of Mine will be unleashed April 20.

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