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Widower: Cataclysmic Sorcery

April 18, 2019

Widower: Cataclysmic Sorcery

With great sadistic intent, blackened scourge Widower blurs the lines between black metal and thrash to provide you with one truly wicked album that goes by the title of Cataclysmic Sorcery. This nine track scorcher is just that. It is a relentless, blood shedding offering of pure malevolence and malignancy that pries your soul from your lifeless body. With the two chaotic heads of thrash and black metal sewn together, what Widower has created is something unholy, blasphemous and down right vein draining.

Widower wastes no time getting you to be familiar with their overall blood thirsty sound as you are immediately placed within the belly of the beast. With no time to prepare for what you are about to witness, you become under siege by flesh ripping riffs that are only to be backed by machine gun drums and hellish tortured vocals that ring out from the depths of hell. Widower provides you no reprieve throughout Cataclysmic Sorcery as they provide you with one wicked track right after another suffocating you under droves of deadly, demonic blackened metal.

Cataclysmic Sorcery is an all together venomous and deadly album as it offers up nine sinister and down right nasty tracks that rip away at your soul. With great technicality and musicianship, Widower offers up nine very solid and life threatening cuts one right after the next. Each track is a ceaseless juggernaut of malice and malevolence aimed straight at your throat. Without reprieve you become battered and broken well before the final note has rang through the halls of the dead.

With everything stated above, Cataclysmic Sorcery is a very good record, one that provides you with ceaseless onslaughts of pure hellfire and brimstone. Not on a single track does Widower take a minute or second off as each one is just as furious and blood thirsty as the last. This release has everything you would hope it would have coming from a blackened thrash release and then some, making it to be a well rounded and cohesive offering that you should keep your eyes peeled for.

Cataclysmic Sorcery will be released May 24 through Black Market Metal.

Check out the officially released track Cosmic Holocaust from the up coming release below!

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