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Goregäng: Neon Graves

April 19, 2019

Goregäng: Neon Graves

In the name of crusty, grinding death, Goregäng emerges from their rotten tomb to provide you with their upcoming twelve track flesh melter titled Neon Graves. Goregäng settles in to their torrid skull blasting pace early, never to let you prepare for their sickening onslaught of pure ravenous death metal. Each of the twelve tracks that are present within this release ooze putrescence and undulating horror as each one provides you with nothing but wicked and all consuming death.

Neon Graves is a record that grips you with the bony hand of death right from the get go, never to let your attention sway from the carnage that is unfolding before you. Try as you might, you cannot not head bang to these tracks as you immediately begin to bash your brain against its cranial tomb. Neon Graves is an incredibly infectious and memorable record that will infect your mind for some time to come. Each of the twelve tracks here are perfectly crafted hymns of death that are undeniable and unforgettable.

As each track chugs along, you find yourself consumed and enveloped in death. With malevolence and malignancy, Goregäng marches forth from track to track presenting you with nothing but pure twisted death metal. With the twelve tracks running on the shorter side, each track is a potent and venomous offering that aim straight for your throat right out of the gate only to stop the hacking until your head has been severed from your neck. This vein draining record is something to behold as it offers up twelve excellent tracks of pure death one right after another.

Through its twelve tracks of horror, Neon Graves will leave you as nothing more than an eviscerated hollow husk. This release is a vile and twisted offering, one that is executed perfectly to provide you with nothing but top notch death. One track right after the next, they get better and better. Neon Graves is simply a fantastic record that is so skillfully done and crafted that it would be criminal to pass over.

Neon Graves will be unleashed May 20 through Transcending Obscurity Records.

Check out the official track titled Goregäng from the upcoming record below!

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