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Ovaryrot: Non-Flesh Scarring

April 21, 2019

Ovaryrot: Non-Flesh Scarring

Starting their careers off as a strictly goregrind outfit, Ovaryrot’s sound began to morph and include numerous genres in to the fold to create a sound that is all around nightmare inducing and brain splattering. With the additions of death metal, black metal, doom, power violence, noise and synth, Ovaryrot’s sound is ambitious and chaotic. Each track makes your head spin as you aren’t sure what you are supposed to be expecting from them next. As discordant and as non cohesive as you would expect their music to be, Ovaryrot make it all work to provide you with something that is well rounded and constructed.

Through Non-Flesh Scarring, Ovaryrot make their ravenous and ear bleeding style very known. From the drop of the first note you understand that you are about to come under attack from all angles. None of the seventeen tracks within this release cease their terrorizing assault as each one presses forth with bloodthirsty reckless abandon. Never are you really given a break from the sonic terror as Ovaryrot blasts from one track to the next, suffocating you under droves of chaotic metallic noise. Ovaryrot rips you to shreds from beginning to end, tearing at your psyche for the entirety of Non-Flesh Scarring.

With the addition of synths Ovaryrot adds just another element to their cacophony of twisted metal. Synths are a big focus throughout Non-Flesh Scarring as they are a feature on each track, and with them present that is what really creates an overall nightmarish atmosphere that is hard to shake. The synth elements are psychedelic, but in a way that makes you feel as though you are losing your mind. It adds a layer of an already diverse and varied sound that is hard to ignore and hard to forget.

As chaotic as each track is, there is no denying that they are flesh ripping offerings all the same. Each of the seventeen tracks that are present here are all terrorizing forces that come at you with ever skin shredding riffs, tumultuous drumming, vocals that are all together monstrous and synths that sink your mind in to a terrifying psychedelic coma. Non-Flesh Scarring is a blitzkrieg of noise and terror that twists your mind and bleeds your veins dry.

Non-Flesh Scarring is an all around destructive yet highly entertaining record. Each track is executed well and with as much as Ovaryrot packs in to each track, that is definitely saying something. This is a dense, diverse and well done record that’ll have your brain leaking from your ears before you know it. Ovaryrot has created a great record here, and if you are looking for something truly different, it would be a crime to look over Non-Flesh Scarring.

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