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Bekmork: Incantations of the Frigid North

April 23, 2019

Bekmork: Incantations of the Frigid North

Hailing from the frozen north and emerging from the permafrost is black metal outfit Bekmork. Emerging from the frozen tomb with them is their debut record titled Incantations of the Frigid North. There are five tracks total that are harbored within the title of this release that are as raw and dissonant as you would imagine. Each track is a gnarled piece of blackened metal that doesn’t wait around too long before getting you completely acquainted with their venomous and frigid approach.

Incantations of the Frigid North is a pretty straight forward black metal record. Through this release, Bekmork plays a stripped down, bare bones style of black metal that utilizes dissonant fuzzed out riffs, hellish howls and tumultuous drumming to provide you with a straight forward shadow dwelling sound. There are no gimmicks here and certainly no fluff as Bekmork offers up pure unfiltered black metal for your blistered soul.

Coupled with bits of frozen ambiance here and there, Incantations of the Frigid North offers up track after track of bleeding raw sonic darkness. Bekmork seems to have stirred their cauldron just right to provide you with this blistering piece of blasphemy. These six tracks here when needed are blistering straight forward blasphemous odes to darkness, and when needed they slow to a mid tempo romp through the frost to deliver and drive home an impactful buzzing sound.

With everything being said, and while each track is put together well, it is the execution that needs a little work. When Bekmork speeds things up and provides you with a no holds barred, soul stripping blackened offering, that is when things sound great and complete. At other times the sound seems a little discombobulated and incomplete. If overall execution is tightened up a little more, Bekmork would have a cohesive, unholy and wicked pure black metal sound that will be hard to ignore.

Incantations of the Frigid North will be released April 26.

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