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Fixation: Into The Pain

April 25, 2019

Fixation: Into The Pain

In under five minutes, Fixation provides you with fast, potent and highly aggressive hardcore that will leave you bones shaking for days to come. Each track within their upcoming offering Into The Pain is a furious and explosive offering that leaves little room to breathe. This release is a no holds barred offering that delivers four tracks of explosive hardcore one right after another without batting an eye. Into The Pain is a ripping, skull smashing effort that hits often and hits hard, leaving you bruised at the end of it all.

Fixation gives you no time to give a second thought to pressing play as when you do you immediately become under siege by nothing but metallic punishment for near five minutes. Ever ripping riffs become coupled with tumultuous drumming and savage gritty vocals all to provide you with an incredibly heavy and brain bruising offering. Once one track ends the next immediately crops up ushering forth more hardcore savagery leaving you beaten down and bruised.

As short as each track is, they are punchy offerings that hit hard and often. There is not a single moment of reprieve until the final note has rang through. Even under five minutes you feel as though you have been listening for an hour once all is said and done. Into The Pain is an anvil heavy, explosive offering that will get you bashing your brain against its skeletal cell.

Into The Pain is an undeniable and memorable release, one that dishes out four great hardcore tracks one after the next. Fixation delivers combative ever charging tracks that cannot be ignored. You can’t not like this release as it is straight up punishing hardcore in its most pure and unfiltered form. In short, Into The Pain is a great release, one that will please the chewed up ear drums of hardcore fans all over.

Into The Pain will be released May 10 by War Records.

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