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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Chronoform: From the Void

May 31, 2019

Chronoform: From the Void

Hailing from Finland, Chronoform meshes together both traditional and modern metal to create an overall unique, heavy, progressive and groove filled sound. From the Void is the title of their debut full length in which you will come across nine tracks for a run time of thirty-five minutes. Through this release, Chronoform provides you with excellent tracks that get right under your skin and have you head banging before you realize it. Each of the nine tracks here are infectious and highly memorable as you will find them filling your mind for some time to come. From beginning to end, Chronoform gifts you with track after track of modern metal excellence that is hard to shake.

From the Void offers up an array of sounds; from the crushing straight forward assault, to the groove oriented passages, to the atmospheric elements to the progressive. Each track within this release offers up something different and unique that you may not have heard from previous offerings. Chronoform does a great job of switching their sound up frequently, ever shifting keeping you on your toes and engaged all throughout. With all of the elements that Chronoform utilizes through this release, the overall sound is cohesive and well structured making this a very well rounded offering.

There isn’t a track here that really has any weak points as Chronoform utilizes each element that they employ very well to provide you with an overall unique listen. Each track is just as good as the last as the musicianship is great as are the atmospheric elements and the gritty vocals. From the Void is an overall well constructed release that sinks its hooks in to you early on only for you to come back for more and more heavy metal goodness.

With memorable offerings that are neck bending heavy, atmospheric and more, Chronoform hits their debut full length right out of the park. From the Void is thirty-five minutes of great modern metal that you will have a hard time not listening to on repeat.

Check out the official music videos for Conquer and Veil below!

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Ardormort: To Live and To Die

May 29, 2019

Ardormort: To Live and to Die

Taking ques from black metal, doom, synth, ambient and more, Ardormort offers up a surreal atmospheric and ambient sound that is easy to get pulled in to. To Live and To Die is the title of Ardormort’s sophomore full length in which you will find six total tracks of nothing but ever enchanting and enveloping instrumental atmospheric metal. From their debut EP to their full length to this release, Ardormort really shows a lot of growth and focus within this offering that may not have been present within the first full length. With a cohesive, well rounded and focused sound, Ardormort offers up their best yet with To Live and To Die.

To Live and To Die is an easy release to fall in to and get drawn in by. Through each of the six tracks that are present here you are treated to soft ambiance and atmosphere that does a great job of enveloping you never letting you escape until the final track has concluded. As the seconds tick off of the run time, you become more and more enchanted and hypnotized, forever sinking further and further in to the vast ocean of atmosphere that is provided.

Through the wave of hypnotizing atmosphere you of course are greeted by serene riffs that are to be coupled with a great drum performance as well. From the riffs to the drumming to the synths and everything in between, each track is a well constructed offering that provides you with a surreal and sound that makes your float among the dense ambient laden clouds. Never wavering or breaking stride, Ardormort rolls from track to track with fluidity providing you with an overall cohesive and mind wandering sound that will keep you coming back for more.

Overall, To Live and To Die is a great effort. As mentioned, this release really displays a great maturity from the first full length as each element incorporated in to each track is implemented well to gift you with a memorable and engaging listen. Ardormort has found their stride here with this release and really hit the nail on the head with providing us with a pure atmospheric and ambiance filled release that makes you mind melt among the fluid soundscapes that are provided. Each offering is very solid making this entire release to be very good and one that will surely please fans of atmospheric metal and music in general.

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Kapala: Termination Apex

May 27, 2019

Kapala: Termination Apex

Leaving nothing but devastation and destruction in their wake, Kapala play a striking brand of metal that combines grindcore, war metal, noise and even elements of goregrind. With a stripped down, bare bones sound, Kapala offers up a listen that is flesh shredding and earth scorching. Devoid of humanity, only aiming to destroy and crush everything in their path, Kapala leaves you mangled beyond recognition once all is said and done. Through the six tracks within Termination Apex, you are treated to twenty-six full minutes of face peeling metal.

There is no compromise here as Kapala are ceaseless in their aural assault attacking you from all sides, shredding your ear drums and your sanity while they’re at it. Forever ceaseless and unrelenting, Kapala move swiftly from track to track suffocating you under their raw brand of chaos infused metal. From beginning to end you are treated to no solace and reprieve as you come face to face with pure devastation.

This war machine by the name of Kapala is just that. Each track is a savage and barbaric offering that hammers you over the head again and again until the final track finally comes to a close. Termination Apex is a pure aeonic slab of tormenting noise filled metal that cannot be denied. Each track is a blitzkrieg of bone shattering metallic noise that is brought on by the sound of mangled riffs that are only to be supplemented by pounding chest cracking drumming. These offerings are vortexes of chaos and devastation from which you will not escape from unscathed.

With instruments that nearly become their own weapons, vocals that are larynx shredding and an overall potent and powerful sound, Kapala offer up a release here that rips and shreds you to pieces. As short as this release is it packs more than a punch as it leaves a gaping hole in your chest once all is said and done. Forever life terminating and earth scorching, Termination Apex is something to behold as it sounds like chaos captured in musical form. If you are a fan of grindcore, war metal or the like, you will surely be pleased with this ear bleeding offering from Kapala.

Termination Apex will be unleashed June 25 through Dunkelheit Produktionen.

Check out the official video for Martial Dominance from the upcoming release below!

You can pre-order now at this location!

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Krypts: Cadaver Circulation

May 26, 2019

Krypts: Cadaver Circulation

Unleashing torment and misanthropic putrid death metal upon the masses is Krypts with their upcoming offering Cadaver Circulation. Through six vile offerings you come face to face with blood curdling doom laden death metal that melts the flesh from your bones and leaves no coffin or tomb over looked. Cadaver Circulation is a suffocating, ever ceaseless offering that buries you under droves of skin peeling chords and eerie atmosphere to provide you with a listen that is all together harrowing and intense. Each of the six tracks that are present within the bloodied walls of this title are potent and life stealing, making this to be an incredibly wicked and neck bending offering.

Never does Krypts relent in their sonic assault as they offer up track after buzzing track of terrorizing doom filled death without reprieve. From one track to the next, Krypts suffocates you under their dense and ever tormenting sound that leaves you as nothing more than a husk for them to add to their growing collection. In all of its wicked grandeur, Cadaver Circulation presents you with six undeniably putrid and vile offerings that drag you in to your premature tomb. From the very beginning, Cadaver Circulation grips you with the skeletal hand of death, forever dragging you through the halls of death until the final ghastly note calls out from the realm.

Through and through, Krypts balances both the doom elements and the death metal elements well as they provide you with funereal dirges of doom as well as tomb obliterating death metal. Each track present here is long enough for Krypts to show case their gruesome abilities in both genres, ultimately suffocating you under the sheer weight of their doom aesthetic and burying you alive with their gnarled death metal assault. From slow burning marches toward death’s door, to bulldozing death metal that bleeds your veins dry, Krypts does it all here within Cadaver Circulation.

With an overall eerie and rotten atmosphere, Krypts ties everything neatly together to create an overall aeonic slab of grisly doom riddled death metal. Drenched in rot and viscera, Cadaver Circulation gifts you with one of the finest and most gruesome doom-death metal releases this year. From track one to track six you are provided with nothing but top notch metal that cannot be over looked or denied. Each track is just as great as the last and just as well rounded and cohesive. Cadaver Circulation will stand atop the death metal mountain as one of the best death metal releases this year.

Cadaver Circulation will be released May 31 through Dark Descent Records.

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Addict: Against You All

May 25, 2019

Addict: Against You All

Combining a potent mix of groove and death metal, Addict creates an intense and head bang worthy sound. From track one to track five, Addict offers up great musicianship and gritty vocals that gets you mashing your brain against your skull in no time. Each track within Against You All is an infectious and memorable offering that gets right under your skin. Burying its hooks in you from the get go, Against You All gets you coming back for more death metal punishment over and over again. Each track is a well rounded attack filled with crunching riffs that are only to be paired with skull bashing drumming that gets your neck cranking before you know it.

Ever uncompromising, Addict comes at you with an intense sound that is hard to deny. Each track is an explosive and energetic offering that gets you up and thrashing around for some time. Against You All contains five great tracks that are as memorable as they are neck bending heavy providing you with an overall well rounded sound that gets embedded in your mind for some time. There is no bullshit here as what you get is five straight tracks of unwavering groove filled death metal from the drop of the first note the calling of the final note.

With a great balance of old-school death metal and the sounds of the new era of death, Addict creates a diverse and varied sound that is hard to ignore. Each track is just as well executed and crafted as the last gifting you with an overall cohesive and skull shattering listen. Never are you to get a break as Addict ushers forth one track right after the next with reckless abandon. Save for the intro, you are not treated to a moment of solace until all is said and done and you are left with nothing but silence until you hit play again for more death metal destruction.

Overall, Against You All is a great debut EP for these groove filled corpse hoarders. Front to back, the musicianship is great, the production is solid and the vocals are top notch, all to present you with a memorable, engaging and entirely heavy release that gets your head banging nearly immediately.

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Délétère: Theovorator : Babelis Testamentum

May 24, 2019

Délétère: Theovorator: Babelis Testamentum

Emerging from the bitter darkness of the abyss, Délétère ushers forth their new title Theovorator: Babelis Testamentum; a three track blackened opus that is as raw, blasphemous and potent as you would expect. Swinging back in to full force after their 2018 offering De Horae Leprae, Délétère provide you with three great tracks of blasphemous black metal here once again. Raw, bitter, blasphemous, atmospheric and more, Theovorator: Babelis Testamentum has it all and then some as it offers up three slithering hymns of blackened metal.

Délétère is unapologetic and unwavering in their sonic assault as they usher forth a blistering and soul crushing sound that sinks its hooks deep in to you from the very beginning. Rampaging forth with riffs soaked in hell fire, drum work that leaves you chest cracked and vocals that shriek up from the bowels of hell, Délétère provide you with a well rounded and clinical blackened maelstrom. From beginning to end, Délétère provides you with a true and relentless blackened sound that ultimately drags you down to the depths of the abyss.

As blistering and accosting as each offering is, they are still melodious all the same. Blistering fury never gives way to more melodious moments and the inverse is true as well as Délétère strikes a great balance between the two. Each track is a palatable and memorable blackened storm that sinks its fangs in to you never to release until Theovorator: Babelis Testamentum has concluded. With biting savagery combined with memorable melody, Délétère offers up a sound that is unforgettable and undeniable.

Floating among the sonic torment is a great amount of atmosphere as well. Throughout this release, haunting atmospheres and soundscapes are ever present. As you succumb to the blasphemous blistering storm, the atmosphere is never far away only to loom over you like a poisonous cloud. The atmospheric tendencies all throughout this release add yet another wrinkle and fold in to the already varied and diverse sound that Délétère provides you. With everything combined you are treated to a truly cohesive and mesmerizing listen that you will not soon leave.

Through and through, Theovorator: Babelis Testamentum is a great release as Délétère out does themselves yet again. As short as this offering is in terms of track count, it more than makes up for in the quality. What you have here is three excellent tracks of blackened sorcery that is memorable as each track embeds themselves in your mind like a parasite never to leave. Délétère continues their reign of blasphemy with this release and nothing more can be said other than Theovorator: Babelis Testamentum is an excellent release.

Theovorator: Babelis Testamentum is out now through Sepulchral Productions.

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Inert: Vermin

May 23, 2019

Inert: Vermin

Emerging from the murky depths to grace us with a true death metal assault is Inert. With members hailing from Stockholm and Barcelona, Inert rose from the bloodied death metal fields in 2015 to gift us with an EP by the title of Obliteration of the Self in 2016. Three short years later these corpse hoarders are on the verge of unleashing their first full length titled Vermin. Within the viscera stained walls of this release you are treated to eight original tracks and a cover of the track Horse’s Mane by Animic. Through and through, this release is bleeding raw, intense and memorable. Ever pushing forth, Inert bulldoze from one track to the next, slashing and hacking their way through to provide you with a neck breaking and bloodied listen.

Inert begins their new album with the title track that leads you in with foreboding riffs and drumming backed by haunting sounds that are fleshed out through the already deadly noise. Inert quickly shifts gears however, only to provide you with an up tempo flesh stealing deadly sound that snaps your head back before you know it. Filled with lacerating riffs, ever pummeling drumming and blood stained vocals, the opening track gets you bashing your brain against your skull without hesitation.

The tracks that follow the opening track are just as relentless and skull sanding. From the very beginning you become gripped by the cold hand of death, never to be let go until the final gnarled note rings through the halls of death. Without slowing, Inert rolls from one track to the next displaying great death metal chops as they provide you with one wicked track after the next. The only reprieve that you are gifted is when track seven La Malura appears as it leads you in with yet another haunting lead in complete with bells tolling signaling your death. Cherish those few seconds in the opener and in La Malura, before you get quartered by the swarm of death once again.

Each track that is present here is well written and executed as they offer up nothing but well rounded death metal that cannot and will not be denied. From track one to track nine you come face to face with one vein bleeding track after another ultimately to be suffocated under the droves of death in which Inert doles out in heaping quantities. Vermin engulfs you in disease ridden death right from the get go, swarming you in a maelstrom of sickness until you are left as nothing more than a husk.

Overall, Vermin is an excellent record. It is one that provides you with straight forward death that has not been tampered with. Each cut is just as cutting and flesh ripping as the last making this to be an all out deadly assault that leaves droves of eviscerated corpses in its wake. Vermin is solid all the way through without a track lacking in any way as they offer up head banging death metal worship by the hordes. You cannot go wrong with this effort here as what you get is well executed death that gets you mashing your brain against its skeletal prison from beginning to end.

Vermin will be released June 28 through Neckbreaker Records.

Check out the official lyric video for the title track below!

The Hÿss: Hound

May 22, 2019

The Hÿss: Hound

In a culmination of doom, stoner rock, punk and more, The Hÿss offers up a buzzing hard hitting sound that sinks its hooks deep in to your mind. Hound is the title of the upcoming EP from The Hÿss in which it provides you with five incredibly infectious and memorable tracks. Even though these merchants of heavy employ numerous genres, the overall sound is cohesive and varied throughout. Never are you to hear the same thing twice as The Hÿss does a great job of incorporating all of their influences to create a well rounded and diverse sound.

Each of the five tracks here pack quite the punch. Throughout this release you are treated to fuzzed out melodious riffs, ever pounding drumming, spine numbing bass lines and dissonant gritty vocals that will get you shouting right along with them. These tracks are unique in their own way as they offer up varied sounds from one another. Hound is varied and memorably so. It won’t be long before each track gets stuck rattling around in your head for some time. These are easy tracks to get right in to as each one is engaging and highly entertaining as they get your head nodding in no time.

Through and through Hound offers up heavy hitting, melodic, entertaining and memorable tracks one right after the next. Each of these tracks present here are executed well as the musicianship is great as are the vocals and to round everything out nicely is a great production. What you get here is a sound that is infectious and undeniable as each offering is just as good as the last. From the doom elements to the punk, everything within this EP is done very well to provide you with an all around solid and cohesive effort.

Overall, Hound is a very good EP, one that is engaging and hard rocking from beginning to end. No punches are pulled here as The Hÿss lay everything out on the table to present to you a unique and memorable sound that will stick with you. If you are looking for a solid, hard rocking release to bang your head to, look no further than Hound.

Hound will be released June 7.

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Hands of God: Blueprint For Self Destruction

May 20, 2019

Hands of God: Blueprint For Self Destruction

In true neck bending power and skull smashing fury, Hands of God unleash their new EP titled Blueprint For Self Destruction. This six track EP is the definition of head caving hardcore as each track bashes your skull open savagely and relentlessly. Each track harbored within the concrete walls of this title is a heavy, smashing offering that is as venomous and ceaseless as you would expect. Don’t expect punches to be pulled and don’t expect a break in the action as what you get are six unrelenting bone snapping tracks. The intro is the only track in which you get some amount of rest before being bludgeoned thoroughly by this sonic hardcore assault.

As in your face as this offering is, it is equally destructive and punishing as it ladles up an unrelenting assault for its entirety. Never gifting you time to breathe, Hands of God march forth with great intensity and savagery. Blueprint For Self Destruction is an unapologetically brain bruising effort that is brought to you by punishing riffs, chest cracking drumming and venomous vocals. With spine breaking break downs injected in to each track, you are treated to a pure all out bludgeoning assault. Once all is said and done you feel as though you have caught a sledgehammer up the side of your head.

In culmination of great intensity and savagery, Hands of God offer up something here that is undeniably heavy and memorable. Each track is a punchy, in your face effort that you will have a hard time forgetting as they will roll around in your head for some time. Blueprint For Self Destruction sinks its hooks in to you early never to let you leave the listen until you have been thoroughly battered and bruised.

Uncompromising and venomous, Blueprint For Self Destruction is a well rounded bone shattering effort from these hardcore head smashers. Once one track ends, another crops up in its place that is just as forceful and impactful. Overall, Blueprint For Self Destruction is a very solid outing one that will be stuck in your head for days to come.

Blueprint For Self Destruction is out now through Flatspot Records.

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Fetid: Steeping Corporeal Mess

May 19, 2019

Fetid: Steeping Corporeal Mess

Clawing up from their damp moldy caskets comes Fetid with their upcoming slab of grisly, gnarled death titled Steeping Corporeal Mess. This offering spews forth five gutting and flesh gnashing offerings that drain your veins and strip your skin from flesh and flesh from bone. There are no gimmicks here and no bullshit as what you get are five pure and uncompromising death metal hymns that are as gruesome and twisted as you can imagine. From the drop of the first bloodied note until the last, you become subject to a battering force that cannot be stopped until you are left lifeless six feet under.

Gutting riffs paired with skull smashing drumming and vomitous vocals all in concert create a terrifying and blood letting sound that cannot be denied. Each of the five offerings within Steeping Corporeal Mess are gruesome and twisted slabs of unrelenting death that press forth until you are but a stain of blood. Viscera stained, each track tears through flesh, picking you apart in grisly and nauseating fashion until the final note crawls up through the halls of death.

All consuming and life draining, Steeping Corporeal Mess is a gritty and uncompromising offering never to relent until it has had its fill of rotting corpses. Eviscerating at every turn, Steeping Corporeal Mess is ceaseless in its assault and unapologetically so. Fetid ushers forth a sonic wall of putrid offal that you ultimately suffocate under. In horror, terror and bloodied malevolence, Steeping Corporeal Mass marches forth leaving eviscerated corpses in its wake never to relent until everything is buried under cold soil.

This release is a great display of festering and all consuming death. From beginning to end you are treated to a display of top notch death metal. Through and through, Steeping Corporeal Mess is an excellent record that provides you with five wicked, bludgeoning offerings that will snap your neck from your shoulders before you know it. This savagery should not be over looked as it quite simply is an all around great record. This grisly amalgamation of stagnated blood and chewed up remains is something to behold and will surely be atop some of the best death metal records to grace our gnarled ear drums this year.

Steeping Corporeal Mess will be released June 7 through 20 Buck Spin.

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