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Exomnia: Aftermath

May 2, 2019

Exomnia: Aftermath

Weaving tales of war, death, tragedy and more, Exomnia offer up a killer EP by the name of Aftermath. This release features five total tracks of melodic groove filled death metal with touches of symphonic metal to provide you with well an overall well rounded and cohesive offering. Aftermath has a great ability to grab you from the very beginning never to let your attention waver as it brings you through the epic tales that they weave and unfold before you. Exomnia does a great job here of capturing your mind and imagination with the five tales they weave here making you feel as though you are in the middle of it all.

This is an easy record to get sucked in to as you become trapped within the world that Exomnia unfolds before you with the passing of each minute. With a melodic and atmospheric sound that becomes coupled with great song writing ability, Aftermath draws you in more and more inviting you to stay for some time. Each of the five tracks that are present here are memorable and captivating offerings that will get stuck in your head for some time. In sewing together great melody and aggression, Exomnia creates a very well balanced sound that not only captures your attention but gets you head banging and fist pumping in no time.

Through and through, Aftermath is a very well constructed release. From the musicianship to the great gritty vocals to the keyboard implementation, you are provided with a highly entertaining and engaging listen. From beginning to end Exomnia takes you on a journey with them through despair, war, death and more making this a truly enveloping and engaging offering. Each of the five tracks here within Aftermath are well done, with each one being just as solid and well rounded as the one(s) that came before it.

This is a great outing for a debut EP from these melodic death metal magicians as you are treated to five excellent tracks one right after the next. Aftermath is a release that you can come back to over and over again and never tire of, and you surely will find yourself putting this release on repeat for some time to come.

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