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Fleshwolf: Deathstare

May 5, 2019

Fleshwolf: Deathstare

Hailing from Ireland comes one man death metal act Fleshwolf. Fresh off of the first two released singles Trench and The Rot, Fleshwolf unleashes their third single titled Deathstare. Rooted firmly in the vein of ancient death metal, Fleshwolf offers up a raw and ever relentless vein draining assault with this new offering. Complete with buzzing flesh tearing riffs and ever chest cracking drumming only to be paired with bloodied vocals, Deathstare offers up a true grisly sound that sticks to your ribs. From beginning to end, Deathstare is a sonic assault that aims for your throat never to relent until your head is rolling at your feet. The overall sound that Fleshwolf offers up is massive and in your face. Deathstare hammers away at your skull from the first second onward until the final note rings through signaling your timely demise. With great musicianship, vocals and an overall great raw production, Fleshwolf provides you with an excellent track here. This is the third sign of things to come from Fleshwolf, and if what comes is as good as this, expect some great death metal coming your way.

Check out the official videos for the singles Deathstare and Trench below!

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