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Monasterium: Church of Bones

May 8, 2019

Monasterium: Church of Bones

With doom in concert with traditional heavy metal, Monasterium offers up an unforgettable and infectious sound. Through their newest offering Church of Bones, you are greeted by eight tracks one right after the next of stellar heavy metal laden doom. Upon pressing play you become swept up in clean trudging riffs, excellent powerful clean sung vocals and rumbling bass lines before you know it. Church of Bones is an easy record to let yourself get consumed by as each of the eight tracks that are present are inviting and intoxicating all the same. Through and through, you are provided with top notch doom that ultimately you will keep coming back to to wander the skeletal halls of the Church of Bones.

Monasterium doesn’t waste time before getting you acquainted with their devilishly memorable and addictive sound. Starting off with the title track, Monasterium hooks you right in from the very beginning. Once they have you in their skeletal grasp you surely will not be released until the final note has rang through your speakers. Each offering here has a great grandiose sound that draws you in more and more with the passing of each second. This release is filled with powerful offerings that you sink in to right from the get go, ever captivating your mind and having it wander through the labyrinths that Monasterium creates.

Ever gripping and engaging, Church of Bones commands your attention, never letting it waver. This record cannot be denied or ignored as it supplies you with great instrumentation that is led by incredible riffs that break in to scorching solos only to be backed by solid drumming and bass work. Soaring through the wall of doom are the great clean sung vocals that are incredibly infectious and memorable all their own. Of the eight tracks present, each one is executed and performed very well providing you with a well rounded and cohesive sound that will stick with you for some time.

Each cut through this release ebbs and flows wonderfully as you are provided with slow burning melodic doom and quicker heavy metal laden charges and back again seamlessly. These offerings are melodic and so fluid that it is hard not to sink straight in to this record without being seen again. One listen turns to two and two then turns to many as you will ultimately end up putting this release on repeat until you wear it out.

Overall, Church of Bones is a great release. Not one track falls short of anything as each and every one is just as good as the last. This is an undeniably solid record from beginning to end as it provides you with one track after the next of infectious doom that you cannot shake and that will be rattling inside of your head for some time. We don’t rate on this site, but if we did it would be a solid 10/10. There isn’t much left to say other than don’t sleep on this release.

Church of Bones is available now through Nine Records.

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