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Adrenaline: Adrenaline

May 10, 2019

Adrenaline: Adrenaline

If you are looking for something to sink your teeth in to, head bang to and rattle your brain around to, look no further than Adrenaline. These merchants of hardcore provide you with entertaining, highly memorable and infectious anthems of straight up hardcore that will rattle around in your brain for some time. Each of the six tracks that are present within this self titled release are solid; each one being a hardcore anthem that gets you up out of your seat and head banging before you know it.

Without filler and without gimmick, Adrenaline ushers forth one hardcore romp right after another. Each track is a short and punchy offering that gets you right in the gut before moving on only for you to be struck yet again. Adrenaline offers up explosive energy within each track that is infectious as each cut here gets your head nodding before you realize it. Adrenaline bring it all out here. Great groove filled riffs paired with pummeling drumming and infectious vocals yelled through the metallic hardcore storm. With this release being as short as it is, it surely brings the quality as it gifts to you six great hardcore tracks one right after the next.

From beginning to end, Adrenaline provides you with great entertainment through and through. Each of the six tracks here are just as good as the last making this a well rounded and cohesive offering. There is no bullshit here as Adrenaline keep it grounded and their sound true. This release leaves you wanting more punchy tracks from this new hardcore band and that in turn leads you to many more listens. This is a great debut, one that packs a punch, provides entertainment and memorable tracks that you surely are going to rattle around your skull for some time.

This self titled debut will be released May 24 through Flatspot Records.

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