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Ancient Torment: Satan’s Legacy Come Flesh

May 11, 2019

Ancient Torment: Satan’s Legacy Come Flesh

Howling through the void to grace us with pure, raw blackened metal is Ancient Torment with their debut offering Satan’s Legacy Come Flesh. Containing four tracks, Satan’s Legacy Come Flesh provides you with nothing but reaping and soul shredding black metal that submerges you in bitter cold shadows for its entirety. There is no filler, no gimmick and no fluff as what you get from beginning to end is an all out sonic blackened assault. With their sound firmly rooted in black metal of ancient, you are greeted by four tracks that are uncompromising, raw and punishing. One right after the next stampedes forth, scorching the earth and bringing you to your timely demise.

Ancient Torment forges their path of wickedness as soon as you press play. Immediately you come under siege by riffs baptized in brimstone and hellfire that are only to be backed by tumultuous drumming and vocals that echo and howl through from the netherworld. Not once does Ancient Torment let up in their demonic assault as they stampede from one track to the next. Forever barreling forth without a thought for life, Ancient Torment rips through one track after the next burying you under poisonous shadows. Each track is just as good as the last as each one is a wicked, straight forward blackened hymn that rips your flesh from bone.

With what this release lacks in quantity, it more than makes up for in quality. Satan’s Legacy Come Flesh is a great, well rounded offering that provides you with thirty minutes of blasphemous, venomous tunes that will latch on to your mind like a leech. There is no escaping the blackened torment once you begin listening as you get trapped within the shadowy maelstrom of metal that Ancient Torment invokes here. Forever uncompromising and unwavering, each of the four tracks present are incredible offerings.

Satan’s Legacy Come Flesh is a great release front to back. No track here is lacking in any way as each one is just as great as the ones that came before it. This is straight up, raw and punishing black metal in its most pure form, and it is damn good. As great as this release is, it will be exciting to see what Ancient Torment has to offer in the future, but for now we are treated to this outstanding debut that would be unwise to pass up.

Satan’s Legacy Come Flesh is out now through Eternal Death.

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