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Mofsed: Rattenkrieg

May 12, 2019

Mofsed: Rattenkrieg

Emerging from the trenches with a raw, old-school thrashy style of death metal is Mofsed. Their upcoming offering titled Rattenkrieg is a historical themed record as it touches on the atrocities of the World Wars. Through the nine original tracks here, you are greeted by lyrics that are striking and captivating as you are transported to the places in which Mofsed are weaving tales about. The story telling through each track is great as it captivates your imagination making you feel as though you are witnessing these stories being told first hand. On top of the great story telling is the solid musicianship that is brought to you by dueling lead guitars, solid drumming, great bass work and gritty vocals that arise through the wall of thrashing death.

Rattenkrieg is a well done record through and through. The musicianship is tight, the vocals are great and the story telling is even better. This release has it all as it grips you from the very beginning, taking you through the wars, battles and death that were experienced through the World Wars. This release is an engaging one as you become wrapped up and entertained by each track, and the more that you listen the more that you get drawn in to the story telling and great song writing that this release has to offer.

Accompanying the great song writing and story telling here is the great amount of face shredding and melting that goes on. Mofsed does a great job of incorporating elements of thrash in to their style of death metal making this to be a thrashing madhouse of a record. You will find yourself headbanging before you know it as infectious riffs are paired with face melting solos and ever pounding drumming. Never once does Mofsed relent in their metallic assault as they march from one track to the next never gifting you a moment of reprieve before setting out on another assault.

The play between the death metal elements and thrash elements here is dynamic and shredding to say the least. Each track is a blistering one that never ceases until the final second ticks off of the run time. Through and through, each cut is a dynamic and heavy one that gets you engaged and headbanging before you know it. From the solid song writing to the great musicianship to the vocals and raw production, this release is very good. To top everything off the tenth and final track is a great cover of King Diamond’s track The Family Ghost. Overall, Rattenkrieg is a solid outing for this new thrashing death metal band.

Rattenkrieg will be unleashed June 6.

Check out the official track Dawn Patrol from the upcoming album below!

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