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Vingulmork: Avgrunn

May 12, 2019

Vingulmork: Avgrunn

In league with thrash comes elements of black metal blasphemy to create a punishing, brutal yet melodic sound that will get you mashing your brain against your skull before you realize it. Vingulmork rises from the shadows yet again with a brand new upcoming EP titled Avgrunn, which comes complete with four new undeniably powerful flesh ripping tracks. These tracks here are incredibly aggressive from the first second onward, providing you with an incredible metallic onslaught of blistering black metal infused thrash. Not to be denied, each track pushes forth, ushering a sound through your speakers that is skull battering and visceral. Forever marching forth without giving you a moment to breathe, Vingulmork suffocates you within their maelstrom from beginning to end.

Unwavering in their assault, Vingulmork marches forth with one track after the next of nothing but fiery and every vicious metal. There is not a single moment of filler or fluff here as what you get is four straight offerings of powerful and potent blackened thrash that is sure to melt your face straight off of your skull. As ferocious as each offering is, they are just as melodic as Vingulmork does a great job of incorporating great amounts of melody through and through. The balance of ferocity and melody throughout Avgrunn is great here making each track to be incredibly smooth yet terrifyingly venomous all the same.

Avgrunn is a solid EP through and through with each track being cohesive and incredibly heavy. With great technical musicianship, howled vocals storm forth through the wall of metallic noise providing you with an intense and potent sound that is hard to shake. This release is undeniably well done and undeniably heavy and uncompromising. With the passing of each second, you can’t help but to get dragged further and further in to the release as one listen turns to many. As short as this release is, it makes up for it with the quality of each track. Never do these cuts take time off as each one is just as pummeling and heavy as the ones that came before, making this to be a well rounded and neck bending offering.

This is an exciting, memorable and down right heavy release that you will find yourself coming back to over and over again. Each track is a well executed blackened thrash hymn that provides intensity, entertainment and an overall neck bending sound that is hard to ignore. Through and through Avgrunn is yet another very solid release from Vingulmork as you are treated to four great tracks of pure blackened thrash metal for you blasphemous enjoyment.

Avgrunn will be released June 1 through Crime Records.

Check out the single and official lyric video for Land of Nothing from the upcoming release below!

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