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Cepaluss: Death Fantasies Rise

May 15, 2019

Cepaluss: Death Fantasies Rise

Gnarled, gritty, gnashing and down right flesh consuming. Cepaluss aims to mutilate with their new offering Death Fantasies Rise. Through this four track EP you are greeted by ever cutting and punishing death metal. Cepaluss rolls out one track after the next never batting an eye at the destruction and evisceration they have caused. From beginning to end Death Fantasies Rise is a savage assault, one that leaves you buried under damp soil. There is no compromise from this one man death machine as you become under siege and battered ruthlessly from the first second until the last.

Gnashing, chugging riffs pick at your bones as rapid fire drumming smashes your skull all the while unearthly bellows from the deep crop up through the sonic wall of punishment to create an overall destructive and mutilating sound. From one track to the next you are provided with nothing but all around great death metal to smash your brain against its skeletal casket to. The four tracks within Death Fantasies Rise are all bone breaking heavy. Never do they relent as they continue to bury you in an early grave until you are no more than a husk.

With enough potency and deadly energy, each track rips you to shreds before you know it. Each track is a well constructed ode to death that marches forth with their slaughter without discrimination. Death Fantasies Rise is an overall excellent EP that provides you with nothing but straight forward, punishing death metal that sets its hooks deep from the very first second.

Through and through, Death Fantasies Rise is a great EP. You cannot deny the undeniable here as you are treated to four great cuts of bleeding raw and punishing death. Each effort is a buzz saw of uncompromised death metal that fans of the genre will surely be pleased to hear. This is an impressive outing from this new one man band, and it will be exciting to see what they have to offer in the future. For now, we can be pleased to hear this flesh tearing EP.

Check out the track The Sacrificial Feast below!

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