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Daemoni: Black Tyrant

May 16, 2019

Daemoni: Black Tyrant

Blotting out the sun by raining down hellfire is Daemoni with their potent and hellish offering Black Tyrant. Filled with eight blackened incantations, Daemoni offer up primeval and earth scorching black metal in unsettling doses. With great fury and intensity, Daemoni roll from flesh consuming track to flesh consuming track without so much as a second thought to the destruction and decimation caused. Once you press play you become engulfed in a maelstrom of flames and damnation as each track is a blackened, unwavering onslaught of pure blackened metal. Through eight tracks, Black Tyrant offers up forty whole minutes of light eating and soul stealing metal that digs its hooks deep and early never letting you escape until the final gnarled note.

Black Tyrant is a very focused and tight release, one that provides you with nothing but incredibly well executed metal that is sure to shred you to pieces beyond recognition. With great musicianship that is brought on by blood letting riffs, ever tumultuous and charging drumming and great bass work, Daemoni offers up a sound here that is lacerating and skull shredding. Howling from beneath the ever pressing onslaught of sonic blasphemy are gritty shrieking vocals that pull it all together to create an accosting and down right blistering sound. Each offering is a well knit hymn of fury and demonic possession that leaves you yourself possessed when all is said and done.

Without reprieve, Daemoni storm forth from track to track trapping you within their savage assault from beginning to end. Deadly precision mixed with great song writing, Black Tyrant is a well rounded and cohesive effort that cannot be denied. This release immediately sinks its fangs straight in to your crimson flesh never to release you until you have been drained of your life. Black Tyrant is pure blackened savagery from beginning to end and unapologetically so. There is not a single moment of filler here as Daemoni only offers up one wicked hymn right after another never gifting you a moment of solace.

This is a black metal record not to be looked over. Black Tyrant is a blistering piece of work that only provides some of the most top notch black metal within its title. Undeniably wicked, potent, venomous and heavy, Black Tyrant has it all and so does Daemoni as this release is excellent. Not much more can be said other than Black Tyrant is one hell of a black metal record that should not be looked over.

Black Tyrant will be unleashed from the underworld June 6 through Goathorned Productions.

Check out the official lyric video for Moriens Pulsatio below!

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