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Fetid: Steeping Corporeal Mess

May 19, 2019

Fetid: Steeping Corporeal Mess

Clawing up from their damp moldy caskets comes Fetid with their upcoming slab of grisly, gnarled death titled Steeping Corporeal Mess. This offering spews forth five gutting and flesh gnashing offerings that drain your veins and strip your skin from flesh and flesh from bone. There are no gimmicks here and no bullshit as what you get are five pure and uncompromising death metal hymns that are as gruesome and twisted as you can imagine. From the drop of the first bloodied note until the last, you become subject to a battering force that cannot be stopped until you are left lifeless six feet under.

Gutting riffs paired with skull smashing drumming and vomitous vocals all in concert create a terrifying and blood letting sound that cannot be denied. Each of the five offerings within Steeping Corporeal Mess are gruesome and twisted slabs of unrelenting death that press forth until you are but a stain of blood. Viscera stained, each track tears through flesh, picking you apart in grisly and nauseating fashion until the final note crawls up through the halls of death.

All consuming and life draining, Steeping Corporeal Mess is a gritty and uncompromising offering never to relent until it has had its fill of rotting corpses. Eviscerating at every turn, Steeping Corporeal Mess is ceaseless in its assault and unapologetically so. Fetid ushers forth a sonic wall of putrid offal that you ultimately suffocate under. In horror, terror and bloodied malevolence, Steeping Corporeal Mass marches forth leaving eviscerated corpses in its wake never to relent until everything is buried under cold soil.

This release is a great display of festering and all consuming death. From beginning to end you are treated to a display of top notch death metal. Through and through, Steeping Corporeal Mess is an excellent record that provides you with five wicked, bludgeoning offerings that will snap your neck from your shoulders before you know it. This savagery should not be over looked as it quite simply is an all around great record. This grisly amalgamation of stagnated blood and chewed up remains is something to behold and will surely be atop some of the best death metal records to grace our gnarled ear drums this year.

Steeping Corporeal Mess will be released June 7 through 20 Buck Spin.

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