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Hands of God: Blueprint For Self Destruction

May 20, 2019

Hands of God: Blueprint For Self Destruction

In true neck bending power and skull smashing fury, Hands of God unleash their new EP titled Blueprint For Self Destruction. This six track EP is the definition of head caving hardcore as each track bashes your skull open savagely and relentlessly. Each track harbored within the concrete walls of this title is a heavy, smashing offering that is as venomous and ceaseless as you would expect. Don’t expect punches to be pulled and don’t expect a break in the action as what you get are six unrelenting bone snapping tracks. The intro is the only track in which you get some amount of rest before being bludgeoned thoroughly by this sonic hardcore assault.

As in your face as this offering is, it is equally destructive and punishing as it ladles up an unrelenting assault for its entirety. Never gifting you time to breathe, Hands of God march forth with great intensity and savagery. Blueprint For Self Destruction is an unapologetically brain bruising effort that is brought to you by punishing riffs, chest cracking drumming and venomous vocals. With spine breaking break downs injected in to each track, you are treated to a pure all out bludgeoning assault. Once all is said and done you feel as though you have caught a sledgehammer up the side of your head.

In culmination of great intensity and savagery, Hands of God offer up something here that is undeniably heavy and memorable. Each track is a punchy, in your face effort that you will have a hard time forgetting as they will roll around in your head for some time. Blueprint For Self Destruction sinks its hooks in to you early never to let you leave the listen until you have been thoroughly battered and bruised.

Uncompromising and venomous, Blueprint For Self Destruction is a well rounded bone shattering effort from these hardcore head smashers. Once one track ends, another crops up in its place that is just as forceful and impactful. Overall, Blueprint For Self Destruction is a very solid outing one that will be stuck in your head for days to come.

Blueprint For Self Destruction is out now through Flatspot Records.

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