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The Hÿss: Hound

May 22, 2019

The Hÿss: Hound

In a culmination of doom, stoner rock, punk and more, The Hÿss offers up a buzzing hard hitting sound that sinks its hooks deep in to your mind. Hound is the title of the upcoming EP from The Hÿss in which it provides you with five incredibly infectious and memorable tracks. Even though these merchants of heavy employ numerous genres, the overall sound is cohesive and varied throughout. Never are you to hear the same thing twice as The Hÿss does a great job of incorporating all of their influences to create a well rounded and diverse sound.

Each of the five tracks here pack quite the punch. Throughout this release you are treated to fuzzed out melodious riffs, ever pounding drumming, spine numbing bass lines and dissonant gritty vocals that will get you shouting right along with them. These tracks are unique in their own way as they offer up varied sounds from one another. Hound is varied and memorably so. It won’t be long before each track gets stuck rattling around in your head for some time. These are easy tracks to get right in to as each one is engaging and highly entertaining as they get your head nodding in no time.

Through and through Hound offers up heavy hitting, melodic, entertaining and memorable tracks one right after the next. Each of these tracks present here are executed well as the musicianship is great as are the vocals and to round everything out nicely is a great production. What you get here is a sound that is infectious and undeniable as each offering is just as good as the last. From the doom elements to the punk, everything within this EP is done very well to provide you with an all around solid and cohesive effort.

Overall, Hound is a very good EP, one that is engaging and hard rocking from beginning to end. No punches are pulled here as The Hÿss lay everything out on the table to present to you a unique and memorable sound that will stick with you. If you are looking for a solid, hard rocking release to bang your head to, look no further than Hound.

Hound will be released June 7.

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