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Inert: Vermin

May 23, 2019

Inert: Vermin

Emerging from the murky depths to grace us with a true death metal assault is Inert. With members hailing from Stockholm and Barcelona, Inert rose from the bloodied death metal fields in 2015 to gift us with an EP by the title of Obliteration of the Self in 2016. Three short years later these corpse hoarders are on the verge of unleashing their first full length titled Vermin. Within the viscera stained walls of this release you are treated to eight original tracks and a cover of the track Horse’s Mane by Animic. Through and through, this release is bleeding raw, intense and memorable. Ever pushing forth, Inert bulldoze from one track to the next, slashing and hacking their way through to provide you with a neck breaking and bloodied listen.

Inert begins their new album with the title track that leads you in with foreboding riffs and drumming backed by haunting sounds that are fleshed out through the already deadly noise. Inert quickly shifts gears however, only to provide you with an up tempo flesh stealing deadly sound that snaps your head back before you know it. Filled with lacerating riffs, ever pummeling drumming and blood stained vocals, the opening track gets you bashing your brain against your skull without hesitation.

The tracks that follow the opening track are just as relentless and skull sanding. From the very beginning you become gripped by the cold hand of death, never to be let go until the final gnarled note rings through the halls of death. Without slowing, Inert rolls from one track to the next displaying great death metal chops as they provide you with one wicked track after the next. The only reprieve that you are gifted is when track seven La Malura appears as it leads you in with yet another haunting lead in complete with bells tolling signaling your death. Cherish those few seconds in the opener and in La Malura, before you get quartered by the swarm of death once again.

Each track that is present here is well written and executed as they offer up nothing but well rounded death metal that cannot and will not be denied. From track one to track nine you come face to face with one vein bleeding track after another ultimately to be suffocated under the droves of death in which Inert doles out in heaping quantities. Vermin engulfs you in disease ridden death right from the get go, swarming you in a maelstrom of sickness until you are left as nothing more than a husk.

Overall, Vermin is an excellent record. It is one that provides you with straight forward death that has not been tampered with. Each cut is just as cutting and flesh ripping as the last making this to be an all out deadly assault that leaves droves of eviscerated corpses in its wake. Vermin is solid all the way through without a track lacking in any way as they offer up head banging death metal worship by the hordes. You cannot go wrong with this effort here as what you get is well executed death that gets you mashing your brain against its skeletal prison from beginning to end.

Vermin will be released June 28 through Neckbreaker Records.

Check out the official lyric video for the title track below!

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