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Addict: Against You All

May 25, 2019

Addict: Against You All

Combining a potent mix of groove and death metal, Addict creates an intense and head bang worthy sound. From track one to track five, Addict offers up great musicianship and gritty vocals that gets you mashing your brain against your skull in no time. Each track within Against You All is an infectious and memorable offering that gets right under your skin. Burying its hooks in you from the get go, Against You All gets you coming back for more death metal punishment over and over again. Each track is a well rounded attack filled with crunching riffs that are only to be paired with skull bashing drumming that gets your neck cranking before you know it.

Ever uncompromising, Addict comes at you with an intense sound that is hard to deny. Each track is an explosive and energetic offering that gets you up and thrashing around for some time. Against You All contains five great tracks that are as memorable as they are neck bending heavy providing you with an overall well rounded sound that gets embedded in your mind for some time. There is no bullshit here as what you get is five straight tracks of unwavering groove filled death metal from the drop of the first note the calling of the final note.

With a great balance of old-school death metal and the sounds of the new era of death, Addict creates a diverse and varied sound that is hard to ignore. Each track is just as well executed and crafted as the last gifting you with an overall cohesive and skull shattering listen. Never are you to get a break as Addict ushers forth one track right after the next with reckless abandon. Save for the intro, you are not treated to a moment of solace until all is said and done and you are left with nothing but silence until you hit play again for more death metal destruction.

Overall, Against You All is a great debut EP for these groove filled corpse hoarders. Front to back, the musicianship is great, the production is solid and the vocals are top notch, all to present you with a memorable, engaging and entirely heavy release that gets your head banging nearly immediately.

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