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Chronoform: From the Void

May 31, 2019

Chronoform: From the Void

Hailing from Finland, Chronoform meshes together both traditional and modern metal to create an overall unique, heavy, progressive and groove filled sound. From the Void is the title of their debut full length in which you will come across nine tracks for a run time of thirty-five minutes. Through this release, Chronoform provides you with excellent tracks that get right under your skin and have you head banging before you realize it. Each of the nine tracks here are infectious and highly memorable as you will find them filling your mind for some time to come. From beginning to end, Chronoform gifts you with track after track of modern metal excellence that is hard to shake.

From the Void offers up an array of sounds; from the crushing straight forward assault, to the groove oriented passages, to the atmospheric elements to the progressive. Each track within this release offers up something different and unique that you may not have heard from previous offerings. Chronoform does a great job of switching their sound up frequently, ever shifting keeping you on your toes and engaged all throughout. With all of the elements that Chronoform utilizes through this release, the overall sound is cohesive and well structured making this a very well rounded offering.

There isn’t a track here that really has any weak points as Chronoform utilizes each element that they employ very well to provide you with an overall unique listen. Each track is just as good as the last as the musicianship is great as are the atmospheric elements and the gritty vocals. From the Void is an overall well constructed release that sinks its hooks in to you early on only for you to come back for more and more heavy metal goodness.

With memorable offerings that are neck bending heavy, atmospheric and more, Chronoform hits their debut full length right out of the park. From the Void is thirty-five minutes of great modern metal that you will have a hard time not listening to on repeat.

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