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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Saturno: Live Session

June 29, 2019

Saturno: Death on Hold

Shifting and shaping numerous genres in to a spine bending heavy mold is Saturno. By combining the likes of death metal, doom and elements of black metal you can come to expect a sound that is murky yet flesh tearing all the same. The track is titled Death on Hold and it is down right monstrous. Through this track, Saturno does a great job of mixing up tempos as they trudge forth with their foundation of murky sludge filled doom only to change gears and tear in to you with their devastating death metal assault. Through this eight minute offering you will hear Saturno shape shift their sound at numerous times presenting you with plenty of variety and an overall bone shattering sound.

Never to lurch from one sound to the next, Saturno is seamless in their transitions between murky doom and their all out aural death metal barrage. With riffs steeped in sludge, they drag you through soundscapes that are dense and all consuming only to switch to rampaging, ripping riffs through the death metal pieces. Combined with the ever caustic riffing are pounding drums and bone shaking bass lines only to be complimented by unearthly vocals. The musicianship through Death on Hold is great as are the vocals that rip through your ear drums. As each second ticks off of the run time, you get drawn further and further in to the dark and murky soundscape that Saturno unfolds right before you.

Each element to this offering is done so well never to make anything feel out of place. Death on Hold is a well constructed wall of bulldozing metal that is sure to bury you underneath cold soil before all is said and done. The mixture of death metal, doom and elements of black metal here work so well in cohesion to provide you with an entirely varied and diverse sound that is hard to deny. The second track on this live demo starts off differently as it is a complete barbaric death metal offering that comes complete with flesh tearing riffs, tumultuous drumming and vocals that are just as savage as they were on the track Death on Hold.

This second offering is an uptempo rampage through fields of murky death for the majority of the eight and a half minute run time. A little over half way through this track titled Fire in the Sky, Saturno switches gears to provide you with even more sludge filled, captivating doom. From the second half of the track onward, Saturno marches forth with their brand of darkened yet entirely gripping style of doom metal that captivates your mind and has it wander through passages of near ethereal doom. Near the end of Fire in the Sky, Saturno once again changes gears offering up another minute of blistering death metal to end the track, leaving you buried.

Through both tracks, Saturno shows off what they truly are capable of. Each offering utilizes each genre to its fullest extent never to have any of the genres feel out of place or in the way of the overall tone. Each track is a well done and well constructed offering that is to surely please the fans of death, doom and black metal. No matter if you are a fan of just one of the genres in which they employ, you will find something here for you. Saturno hit the nail on the head with each of these tracks, making them to be incredibly memorable as you will continue to play them on repeat.

Eternal Suffering: Beyond The Threshold Of Twilight

June 28, 2019

Eternal Suffering: Beyond The Threshold Of Twilight

Raw, atmospheric, damning and entirely blackened, Eternal Suffering offers up Beyond The Threshold Of Twilight. This EP features five total tracks of atmospheric symphonic black metal that captures the mind and has it wander through mystical and harrowing soundscapes. Eternal Suffering twist together their blackened assault with their symphonic and atmospheric elements well to create a very well rounded and immersive sound.

Eternal Suffering begins this offering with a two and a half minute intro that entirely features their symphonic and ambient chops. Ultimately this opening title track draws you in, giving you a little taste of what is to come from the remainder of the release. Once you are gripped by a cold hand reaching up from the netherworld, Eternal Suffering storms forth with their second offering Invoking the Full Moon. This track hits you immediately with a primal dissonant scream that is backed by razor like riffs and ever tumultuous drumming. Swirling underneath the otherwise blackened sonic assault are the symphonic elements that twist and weave themselves among the blistering blackened mass. As rampaging and storming as this track is, you are presented with a grandiose and compelling ambiance as well.

Invoking the Full Moon really shows off what Eternal Suffering does really well and continues to do through the remaining tracks. Through each offering you are not only greeted by scorching black metal, but by ever shifting soundscapes and atmosphere as well. Each of the offerings harbored within this title are well written dissonant storms of blackened malevolence. From beginning to end you become trapped within a vortex of foreboding soul claiming black metal from which you will not be able to escape until the final note.

Through and through, Beyond The Threshold Of Twilight is a solid effort, one that is engaging, enchanting, malevolent and more. This is a straight forward no filler symphonic black metal release from start to finish and Eternal Suffering executes very well.

Goatskullt: Kinahmia

June 26, 2019

Goatskullt: Kinahmia

Shaped and molded by blistering darkness, Goatskullt storms forth with their second official offering titled Kinahmia. This EP comes complete with six total tracks that offer up a blistering yet entirely atmospheric sound. With ever furious riffs paired with undulating foreboding atmosphere, each offering is gripping and all enveloping. Keeping their sound firmly rooted in the vein of ancient black metal, Goatskullt twists in a modern brand of black metal making their overall sound their own. Through this release you are treated to nothing but earth scorching atmospheric black metal that grips you tightly never to release you until you have finally sunken in to the darkened corridors in which Goatskullt unfurls before you.

To begin their effort, Goatskullt lulls you in with a foreboding electronic opening track titled Cosmic Wolves. Cosmic Wolves draws you in immediately with its unique electronic sound that is all together foreboding and captivating. Once Cosmic Wolves has your full attention, it fades in to obscurity to make way for the blistering offering Dancing Towards Supremacy. Dancing Towards Supremacy is a full fledged blackened aural assault that hits you with razor sharp riffs, ever tumultuous drumming and gritty hellish vocals. This track is what you will come to hear from Goatskullt through the remainder of Kinahmia as it offers up a ripping sound that is paired with great atmospherics.

Goatskullt does a great job of balancing their torrid black metal blitzkrieg with atmospheric tendencies. Not one track has one without the other making each offering a well rounded and cohesive onslaught of blistering madness. With malevolence and fury, Goatskullt marches forth from track to track to present you with nothing but slashing and soul stealing black metal that cannot be denied. With sharpened riffs assaulting you from all sides and the atmospheric qualities sinking you deeper in to a darkness devoid of light, you are provided with six solid soul stealing tracks one right after the next. The only reprieve that you are provided is when the fifth track appears that offers up pure chilling atmosphere, but even then the darkness calls only for you to be pushed head first in to the final blistering assault.

The final track Pyhä Maa even features a somewhat different sound that what you have previously heard through Kinahmia. With Pyhä Maa you are presented with less sharpened riffs, drumming that isn’t as threatening and vocals that switch between cleanly sung vocals and gritty hellish vocals. Everything that was just mentioned is just the first half of the track as Goatskullt kick it in to high gear once again in the second half, shredding the flesh from your bones and providing you with a proper aural assault. Pyhä Maa is a great ending track as Goatskullt offers up a different and unique sound than what you heard in previous offerings for the first half, yet they conclude the track and the entire release on a completely blistering note.

Overall, Kinahmia is a very solid release as you are presented with six blistering, yet atmospheric and foreboding tracks that you keep coming back to.

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Goatskullt Bandcamp

Gravefields: Embrace The Void

June 25, 2019

Gravefields: Embrace The Void

Heaving up from the depths of molded tombs comes death metal horde Gravefields and in tow with them their full length release Embrace The Void. With nine tracks to its title, it offers up straight forward brain devouring death metal. There is no reprieve as Gravefields unleashes a ceaseless assault from beginning to end. All consuming and flesh peeling, each of the nine offerings within this title are savage and blood letting never relenting, never to stop the destruction until finally the last note flies through your speakers. With an ominous and haunting atmosphere mixed in with the blood boiling death metal assault, Embrace The Void is a damning and devouring offering.

Burying you under droves of slashing riffs and pummeling six feet in to the earth with ever bone shattering drumming, Gravefields comes at you like a scalding flesh peeling maelstrom. With unearthly roars and gritty screams woven in to the aural assault, each track is a devastating offer of rancid death. Barreling forth from track to track, Gravefields never lets up with their all consuming and enveloping brand of bloodied death. Embrace The Void sinks its hooks in to you early on never to let you leave as it brings you on a ravaged and tumultuous path of death.

With each track easily topping over the three, four and five minute marks, it gives Gravefields plenty of time to continue their torrid onslaught. There is no room to breathe within this release as one track ends another equally suffocating and monstrous track begins. Each track is a monstrous wall of bleeding death metal mayhem that leaves you bloodied and flattened by the end of it all. Without second thought to human life and the earth upturned behind them all, each track aims straight for your throat aiming to have you buried in the damp dirt.

Walls of slaughtering riffs, bone cracking drumming, unearthly vocals and an overall foreboding and haunting atmosphere makes for a truly devastating release. With great musicianship, technicality, a great production and everything else in between, Embrace The Void is an excellent record. Not much is left to be said but to step in to the void yourself and discover this great death metal gem by none other than Gravefields.

Possessor: Flight Of The Mutilator

June 24, 2019

Possessor: Gravelands

In the name of horror, punk, sludge and more Possessor is set to unleash a brand new album by the title of Gravelands next month. In waiting in anticipation Possessor has unleashed an official music video for a track titled Flight Of The Mutilator from the upcoming album. Flight Of The Mutilator is a murky, sludge filled track that is sure to stick to your ribs. From the first few seconds onward you are greeted by massive rumbling bass lines that ultimately get sewn in with dense murky riffs. Dissonant fuzzed out vocals fly over top of the wall of dense sludge to complete the overall grimy sound. Flight Of The Mutilator is a fast up tempo track that gets your head nodding before you realize. It is an engaging and entertaining track that is easy to get in to. Not only that but this track will manifest itself within your brain for some time to come. This ghoulish offering is just the tip of the grave stone of what is to come from these horror hounds and is a great offering to set you up for the remainder of the release that is to come in just a little over one month.

Check out the official music video for Flight Of The Mutilator below!

Undoer: Survival Is A Myth

June 23, 2019

Undoer: Survival Is A Myth

Three tracks and twenty-two total minutes of scathing blackened metal is what you come face to face with in Undoer’s release Survival Is A Myth. Survival Is A Myth is a dynamic, violent and ever flesh ripping release as it jumps out at you from second one until the last. Providing you with a non stop barrage of a pure blistering blackened maelstrom, Undoer tear from track to track providing you with an entirely soul cleaving effort. Without gimmick and pushing all fads to the wayside, Undoer presents you with a raw and punishing blackened sound that you cannot turn away from. From beginning to end Undoer ushers forth their brand of earth scorching black metal that leave nothing but wreckage and soulless bodies in their wake.

Unhinged yet controlled and precise, Undoer presents you with an overall ripping and life stealing effort. Never to relent, Undoer pushes forth from track to excellent malevolent track ever storming through aiming to drag you asunder to depths not yet reached. Filled with fury and hell fire, Survival Is A Myth comes storming out of hell’s gates to greet you with a dynamic and scalding sound that comes at you in blistering waves of malevolence. Rooted firmly in the vein of ancient black metal, Undoer adds modern black metal to the mix to create a fresh, technical and unique sound that is wholly undeniable. Each of the three tracks that are present here within this title are excellently crafted spells of blackened debauchery.

Hitting you with an undulating madness, Undoer terrorizes from beginning to end as they stomp through each track gifting you nothing but pure, top notch black metal that aims to do nothing but claim your soul for themselves. Once one razor sharp onslaught ends the next begins never to give you a moment of reprieve, only to provide you with a plague of blood boiling black metal. With each track being on the lengthier side it allows Undoer to captivate you mind and usher it through the vast and harrowing soundscapes in which they unfold before you. From the drop of the first note, you become gripped by a cold hand from the abyss that takes you on a pummeling sonic journey never too release its grasp until Survival Is A Myth concludes.

Ever engaging, twisting and ripping, Undoer offers up a full and cohesive sound that is entirely captivating and memorable. From the song writing, to the great musicianship to the dissonant hellish screams and everything in between, Survival Is A Myth is an excellent release. This offering is twenty-two minutes of black metal mastery that leaves you wanting more and reaching for the play button over and over again.

Survival Is A Myth will be released in a physical format by Sun & Moon Records June 25.

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Undoer Bandcamp

Sun & Moon Records Official Site

Birdflesh: Extreme Graveyard Tornado

June 22, 2019

Birdflesh: Extreme Graveyard Tornado

Over one decade after the release of their last album The Farmer’s Wrath, grind stalwarts Birdflesh are back with a brand new record titled Extreme Graveyard Tornado. Always having a unique take on grindcore, Birdflesh mix thrashy elements with tongue in cheek entertaining lyrics and an overall fun atmosphere and the same can be said about this release as well. Totaling twenty-four tracks, Birdflesh offer up ripping grinding tracks one after the next providing you with a serious case of whiplash. Extreme Graveyard Tornado is a maelstrom of chaos and skull grinding madness with an air of comedy that really makes this offering entirely entertaining and hard to step away from.

Each track is a punchy and bulldozing effort that gets your neck folding in half before you realize that your neck will be at a ninety degree angle for ever. Forever pumped full of energy and adrenaline, Birdflesh tear from offering to offering with slashing riffs and ever tumultuous drumming along with throat shredding vocals to present you with an entirely chaotic and brain bruising sound. Ever relentless, Birdflesh unleash their caustic assault, attacking from all sides offering up a truly blistering skull sanding sound that truly is undeniable.

You can’t not have fun while listening to Extreme Graveyard Tornado as you come across tracks such as: Milkshake Is Nice, Bite the Mullet, Garlic Man and many more. All while keeping their grinding and thrashing edge, Birdflesh still keeps things humorous and tongue in cheek all throughout. Extreme Graveyard Tornado is wacky, addictive and highly entertaining as you are provided with nothing but twenty-four straight tracks of high octane grinding punishment. You will find your head rolling on the floor before you know it.

After eleven long years Birdflesh shows no signs of slowing what so ever with this release. And as a matter of fact they pick up right where they left off with the same torrid and earth scorching pace that is so recognizable. From beginning to end you are presented with top notch musicianship, great vocals and production. This is a well rounded offering that you will not get tired of listening to no matter how many times you do. Birdflesh is back and it top notch form with Extreme Graveyard Tornado.

Extreme Graveyard Tornado will be released June 28 through Everlasting Spew Records.

Check out the single Crazy Train Decapitation below!

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Tristengrav: II-Nychavge

June 20, 2019

Tristengrav: II-Nychavge

Slicing through the night with a reaping sound of black metal tinged with death rock and punk, Tristengrav offers up a sinister and blistering sound. With four complete tracks plus an outro, Nychavge provides you with a unique blend of the genres mentioned above. Keeping their foundation very much firmly rooted in bestial black metal, the death rock element gives each track more melody all the while the punk elements intertwined offer up something of a pure maelstrom of sinister excellence. With each genre working in cohesion, you are gifted with soul cleaving tracks one right after the next until the haunting outro appears through the mist.

Each track wicked and frenzied, they each charge out of hell to grace you with an overall aural assault that is not to be denied. Raw and blistering, Tristengrav tears through each spell with slicing riffs, tumultuous drumming and vicious, gritty dissonant vocals to top it all off. Never does Tristengrav relent in their summoning of a maelstrom of blistering darkness as they march forth ushering in a unique and damning sound.

From offering to offering the onslaught continues until you have no choice but to submit to the blackened shredding these fiends. From the very beginning, Nychavge sweeps you up in its chaotic storm, taking you on a sinister and spectral journey through each offering. The four tracks that are present here keep that raw and savage edge of primal black metal all while incorporating melody making each track cohesive and highly memorable. Each track is a great amalgamation of numerous genres making this entire release well rounded and cohesive.

All while keeping their foundation of ancient black metal, Tristengrav makes that sound all their own. The overall tone that Tristengrav emits is unique and refreshing as they join the heads of other genres together to create something that is all together blistering yet melodic all while emitting an atmosphere that is chillingly spectral. This is a great release from top to bottom making you ultimately have no choice but to submit to the darkened visions in which Trsitengrav creates.

Nychavge will be released June 22 through Caligari Records.

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Gygax: High Fantasy

June 19, 2019

Gygax: High Fantasy

Whisking your mind off to fantastical lands and wondrous soundscapes, Gygax comes flying in with a brand new effort titled High Fantasy. Soaked in influence from the likes of Dungeons & Dragons among other fantasy ideas and realms, Gygax provides you with a greatly melodious fantasy metal sound that is incredibly addictive and infectious. High Fantasy is a release that you will get hooked on immediately and continuously come back for more fantastical and wondrous adventures. This record is an easy one to fall in to and have it take you through great never ending soundscapes as it is entirely captivating and engaging.

Through High Fantasy, Gygax offers up great musicianship in the form of powerful riffs, a great drum performance and high flying vocals that you ultimately belt the lyrics out to. From beginning to end, High Fantasy is a well constructed offering that features nine great tracks that immediately make themselves at home in your mind as they get stuck there for some time to come. Ever energetic and wonderfully imaginative, Gygax unfold story after story through each of their nine offerings presenting you with plenty of variety and mystical metal to head bang to.

With great song writing ability, top notch musicianship, a great production and a fantastic cover to top everything off, High Fantasy truly is a remarkable and highly infectious record. You will not find a track here that disappoints as each one is just as good as the others. Sinking its hooks in to you early on, High Fantasy takes you on quite the journey from beginning to end, forever having your mind wander through each of the stories that unfold right before you.

From the great musicianship, to the incredibly infectious vocals and everything else in between, High Fantasy is a great record. Wondrous, fantastical and down right unbelievably memorable, this release is great from top to bottom. At the end of your listen you will be left wanting more which ultimately leads you to more and more repeat listens, and really it goes without saying that Gygax has rolled a nat 20 with High Fantasy.

High Fantasy will be released June 21 through Creator-Destructor Records.

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Gygax Facebook

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Creator-Destructor Records Official Site

Cold Curse: Violent Measure

June 18, 2019

Cold Curse: Violent Measure

In a violent mashing of hardcore and death metal, Cold Curse is set to unleash a brand new offering titled Violent Measure. Taking ques of course from hardcore, death metal and even thrash, Cold Curse emits a foundation leveling and neck folding sound. There are four tracks attached to Violent Measure, each one of them as intense and volatile as each other. This spine ruining offering is just that as Cold Curse bulldoze from one track to the next, shattering your bones with their anvil heavy and unrelenting sound.

Right out of the gate, Cold Curse hits you hard with their opening track Clandestine. This rampaging offering lights you up from the drop of the first note already leaving you bloodied and your brain bruised well before it is over. Clandestine is a great tone setter for what is left to come, as the remaining three tracks that follow fall in line with its skull shattering assault. Never are you given a moment to breathe through the four offerings within this title as Cold Curse rampage from track to track leaving you battered and broken from their caustic death tinged metallic hardcore assault.

Undeniably potent and venomous, Violent Measure steamrolls you in to your own six foot deep hole. As short as each track is, they are incredibly destructive and leveling. Battering you from the first second onward, Cold Curse never relent as they keep their torrid pace all throughout catching you up in a pure cyclone of mayhem. Undeniably wicked and spine bending, Cold Curse provide you with something here that will definitely get you head banging and mashing your brain against your skull in no time.

Through and through, Violent Measure is a great release. This is a very entertaining and heavy release that will have you coming back for more destruction and mayhem.

Violent Measure will be released July 12 through Creator-Destructor Records.

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