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SUE: It Will Never End

June 1, 2019

SUE: It Will Never End

Hailing from the UK comes punk noise rockers SUE with their debut album titled It Will Never End. This release is filled with twelve total tracks of energetic, raw and distorted punk that gets right under your skin and has your fist pumping and head banging from the first minute onward. Through this release, SUE never presents you a chance at reprieve as they smash through one track and on to the next providing you with twelve straight offerings of metallic noise.

It Will Never End is a highly engaging and memorable offering that will be rattling around in your head for some time once all is said and done. Each of the twelve tracks that are present here within this offering are well constructed punk noise hymns that worm their way in to your mind only to sink their hooks in deep. Once you press play and journey through the chaotic noise filled romp that is It Will Never End you ultimately reach for the play button again for more metallic punk goodness.

SUE does a great job of gripping you right from the start never to let go until the wild ride is all said and done. It Will Never End is a wholly entertaining and infectious offering that is truly hard to deny. You cannot sit still while listening to this record as it gets you up and out of your seat and thrashing about before you know it. With raw ever ceaseless riffs that are coupled with tumultuous drumming and great vocals, SUE creates a sound that is hard to be ignored.

As wild and noise filled as each track is, SUE throws you for a little loop with their fourteen minute opus to close out their debut. The twelfth and final track titled I Am Nothing is a much more subdued and serene sounding track in comparison to the eleven that came before it. I Am Nothing has a great mixture of a more calming sound as well as the more upbeat raucous punk that you had heard in the previous tracks leading to this one. Half way through SUE kicks it in to high gear to get your head banging once more before the sounds fades and you are left with a calming silence for nearly the remainder of the track.

I Am Nothing is a great closing track as SUE shows off their musical chops by providing you with a completely different sound than what you heard before while also incorporating their manic punk sound in the fold as well. As I Am Nothing wraps up It Will Never End nicely, you are left reaching for the play button again. It Will Never End is a solid release, one that provides you with raw and brain bruising punk that gets you up and out of your seat from the very get go. Each track is a solid one providing you with an overall well rounded and highly entertaining listen.

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