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Friendship: Undercurrent

June 2, 2019

Friendship: Undercurrent

Sewing the heads of sludge and hardcore together to create an intense aural assault is Friendship. Their upcoming record Undercurrent features ten ripping tracks of sludge infused hardcore insanity that will get you bruising your brain against your skull before you know it. In a little over twenty-two minutes, Friendship deliver and auditory assault that is not to be taken lightly. These face smashers roll from track one to track ten with the intent to bulldoze anything in their path leaving nothing but wreckage and carnage in their wake. Each of the ten offerings within this release are precise assaults that rampage from second one until the final second ticks off the clock.

Through Undercurrent you come face to face with oppressive track after oppressive track that leaves you beaten and bruised at the end of it all. There is no reprieve and you are gifted with no breaks in between tracks to catch your laboring breath. Friendship stomps from track to track delivering a battering ram of sound that is sure to leave you head spinning. Each track is a potent and powerful assault that comes at you from all angles with sharp technical riffs, ever battering drumming and vocals that yell out from behind the sonic wall of auditory torture. Undercurrent is a tearing and skull sanding release that makes its presence known from the very get go.

Friendship’s murky sound buzzes through your speakers, rattling your brain. Uncompromising and ceaseless, Friendship tears through each track, pummeling and battering you with a relentless sludge filled hardcore assault. As short as this release is, it packs quite the punch in its concise twenty-two minutes of run time. Not a second is wasted as each offering flies off the hinges immediately to greet you with a raucous and skin shredding sound that cannot be ignored. Friendship barrels forth through Undercurrent providing you with incredible amounts of energy and intensity that gets your neck bending and head banging.

Violent, technical and potent, Undercurrent has it all here as each offering is a well constructed metallic offense. Undercurrent is an auditory blitzkrieg that snaps your head back before you have time to prepare for the face smashing onslaught. Through and through, this release is an incredibly heavy and uncompromising one that sets out for destruction and greatly succeeds. These merchants of destruction have put out another great and memorable effort with Undercurrent.

Undercurrent will be released June 14 through Southern Lord.

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