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Evil Brain Taste: I Am Evil Brain Taste

June 4, 2019

Evil Brain Taste - I Am Evil Brain Taste
Evil Brain Taste: I Am Evil Brain Taste

In an amalgamation of thrash, death metal and elements of black metal, Evil Brain Taste is back with their brand of zombified metal. I Am Evil Brain Taste is the title of their latest release in which you are to find six offerings of flesh ripping metal. With a raw sound, Evil Brain Taste marches forth with the intent to reanimate corpses to do their evil bidding all in an effort to unleash the Ultimate Zombie. Aiming to make you a part of their diseased horde, Evil Brain Taste ushers forth a raw and bleeding metallic sound that is intent of feasting upon your brain.

Evil Brain Taste sets in immediately on this new effort, never to relent as they bury you under their cynical death infused thrash metal. Burying you under droves of their reanimated corpses, Evil Brain Taste rips through one track after the next aiming to complete their goal of adding as many cadavers to their flesh army as they can. As quirky and tongue in cheek as Evil Brain Taste is, they supply the heaviness in heaping droves. Each offering is riddled with ripping riffs, tumultuous drumming and vocals that are as bloodied as the corpses in which Evil Brain Taste possess.

Through this release, Evil Brain Taste does a great job of making things entertaining, memorable, heavy, tongue in cheek and at times ominous. I Am Evil Brain Taste is a great follow up release to the 2015 full length Dead Dead Bad. Much like their previous effort, this release is filled with tracks that will get under your skin and infect your brain for some time to come. I Am Evil Brain Taste is a highly infectious and memorable offering that is enjoyable to listen to and you will continue to reach the play button for.

If you are looking for an entertaining listen, that supplies ripping death infused thrash, tales of flesh devouring zombies and more, this is for you. Evil Brain Taste reanimates after four years and delivers only to try to drag you in to the grave only to possess your brain to have you become part of their sinister horde of brain devouring flesh puppets. I Am Evil Brain Taste is a solid effort once again from these corpse fiends.

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