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Stench Of Profit: Human Discount

June 8, 2019

Stench Of Profit: Human Discount

Unhinged, violent and ever flesh shredding, Stench Of Profit offer up their new EP titled Human Discount. Within this release you are to find four tracks of nothing but bone crushing grindcore from start to finish. Without room to breathe, Stench Of Profit blitzes from one track to the next offering up a true maelstrom of scalding grinding metal for your torture. There is no reprieve as the ceaseless onslaught begins from the drop of the first note all the way through until the final note rings through.

As short as this EP is with four tracks to its title, it packs more than a furious punch as each track is a skin flaying and flesh ripping offering from beginning to end. With riffs wielded as weapons, drums that crack bones and manic vocals that are screamed out through the wall of torturous noise, Stench Of Profit offer up a caustic and brain bruising sound. Without compromise and without bullshit, Stench Of Profit stampede from one track to the next providing you with a neck twisting listen.

From track one to track four, you are greeted face to face with nothing but a pure maelstrom of scalding, grinding metal. There is no reprieve as Stench Of Profit rip from one track to the next without batting an eye at the pure destruction and mayhem they leave behind. Human Discount is an ever gnashing and gnarled release that chews you up and spits you out the other end bruised and bloodied.

Overall, Human Discount is a solid release start to finish as you are presented with four great grind tracks to bash your brain against your skull to. Each offering is just as pummeling and punishing as each other making this to be a wholly terrorizing and bulldozing offering with only four tracks. This is pure grind and nothing but and it surely will please the gnarled ears of grind fiends the world over.

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