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Burial Remains: Trinity of Deception

June 9, 2019

Burial Remains: Trinity of Deception

Emerging from the crusty, bloodied crypts of death metal comes Burial Remains with their debut full length titled Trinity of Deception. Devastating, crushing and disemboweling, Burial Remains rips through seven onslaughts of pure grisly death. Each track is a great display of viscera stained old-school death metal that aims straight for your throat right from the get go. Without filler and fluff, Burial Remains offers up a truly unrelenting and brutalizing sound that leaves you as nothing more than a red stain.

Leaving nothing but carnage and devastation in their wake, Burial Remains stomps through each track with malicious intent. Ever malevolent and blood letting, each offering through Trinity of Deception is a pure sonic flesh ripping onslaught. Crusty buzzing riffs tear through your flesh as ever pummeling drumming cracks your bones and rumbling bass lines rattle your brain out of your skull. Cropping up through the sonic wall of flesh crawling madness are ever blood stained and vicious vocals. With everything coming together in a nice cohesive slaughtering package, Burial Remains offers up a delightfully morbid and malignant sound that sinks its hooks deep from the onset.

Forever relentless and skull bashing, Trinity of Deception rampages forth from track to track, stacking up bodies among a growing pile of eviscerated corpses. As each second ticks off of the run time, so does a second tick off of your life as death is imminent. Ever flesh flaying and face melting, Burial Remains rip through each of their seven offerings much like each offering rips straight through your lacerated flesh. There is no gimmick and no bullshit here as Burial Remains offers up true lobotomizing and flesh devouring death for your consumption.

Trinity of Deception is a fantastic death metal record as it offers up seven incredible tracks one right after the next. Never to relent, never to cease their grave stomping, Burial Remains bulldozes from track to malignant track providing you with a neck severing listen. This release surely will be one of the best death metal offerings this year.

Trinity of Deception will be released July 12 through Transcending Obscurity Records.

Check out the official video for They Crawl from the upcoming release below!

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