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hell bent: Apocalyptic Lamentations

June 10, 2019

hell bent: Apocalyptic Lamentations

Thrashing mad and melting the skin straight off your face is thrash, hardcore, speed metal entity hell bent. Titled Apocalyptic Lamentations, it offers up nine purely shredding and head spinning tracks that gets you mashing your brain against your skull in no time at all. Without so much as a warning, hell bent hits you immediately with a destructive and ever ripping sound that sets its claws in you from the get go. hell bent rampage through each track, mashing the proverbial pedal through the floor to provide you with a wickedly fast and neck twisting offering.

Never to back down or cease their caustic brand of metal, hell bent keep it cranked to eleven the entire time. You are given no moment of solace from the fiery maelstrom of scalding metal that is Apocalyptic Lamentations. Each track is a blitzkrieg of weaponized thrashing metal that comes at you from all sides never to quit until you are left beaten and bruised. Ear drum shredding riffs pair with ever tumultuous drumming and screeching vocals that soar through the sonic wall of destruction. Of all nine tracks, all nine are as heavy and shredding as the last.

As short as each track is, they still hit hard and fast. Not only that, but you are given no time to breathe in between tracks as one ends the next immediately picks right back up. Apocalyptic Lamentations is a tornado of a release as it comes in and leaves nothing but wreckage and carnage in its wake. This entire release is a tour de force as you are treated to nine incredibly furious and face melting tracks. With incredible amounts of energy and fury, hell bent offers up an incredibly entertaining and head spinning album.

Apocalyptic Lamentations is a great record from beginning to end. Taking ques from thrash, speed metal, hardcore and more, hell bent makes it all work here in a cohesive storm of destruction. Through and through Apocalyptic Lamentations is entertaining, heavy and head spinning making it memorable as you reach back to press play again and again.

Apocalyptic Lamentations will be unleashed June 14 through: Horror Pain Gore Death for the CD release, Armageddon Label and Atomic Action! for vinyl and Metal Swarm for the cassette release.

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