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Dysemblem: Autotomy

June 12, 2019

Dysemblem: Autotomy

Gut ripping death in concert with murky doom to create an overall spine bending heavy sound is Dysemblem. Three years after their debut full length Strength of Giants, Dysemblem are set to unleash their sophomore full length Autotomy. This offering features nine total tracks of doom riddled death metal that drags you through murky, ever darkening soundscapes. Throughout this release, Dysemblem does a great job of balancing the two genres to create an overall cohesive and entirely damning sound. There is not a single moment through this release that is filler as what you get is nine straight offerings of all consuming doom filled death metal.

Never to come at you with the same sound twice, Dysemblem morphs and shape shifts their sound through each offering. Not only are you provided with excellent offerings that provide you with a great balance of both genres, but you are provided with offerings that focus on one more so than the other. Through this release you will find tracks that rip you to shreds in shorter bursts of flesh tearing death metal as well as offerings that focus on dragging you through ever buzzing and murky soundscapes that doom metal provides. From track to track you will find something new as Dysemblem twists and morphs their sound through each offering keeping you on your toes at all times.

No matter whether you are faced with trudging doom or flesh peeling death metal, it goes without saying that each offering present within this record is heavy as an anvil. Ceaseless in their foreboding assault, Dysemblem march forth from offering to offering providing you with nothing but incredibly heavy tunes that get your neck bending before you know it. Autotomy is an all enveloping record that grips you with its skeletal hand of death from the get go, never to release you until all is said and done. This is an engaging and gripping release from start to finish as it offers up nine great tracks one right after the next.

Overall, Autotomy is a great record. From the joining of doom and death metal, to stand alone tracks that are one or the other, to the great musicianship and the hellish vocals, everything is done well throughout this release. Autotomy is a great follow up to Strength of Giants as Dysemblem continue their darkened doom addled death storm with this record. You simply cannot go wrong with this release if you are a fan of doom metal, death metal or just heavy fucking metal in general. Dysemblem continues to impress.

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