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Anger Machine: Trail Of The Perished

June 14, 2019

Anger Machine: Trail Of The Perished

Rooted firmly in the vein of thrash metal yet adding some modern twists to their thrash foundation, Anger Machine create a heavy groove filled sound that is highly infectious. Through their upcoming release Trail Of The Perished, Anger Machine offers up ten head banging tracks that manifest themselves in your mind for days to come. Melodic, heavy, groove oriented, entirely catchy and more, Trail Of The Perished has it all within its ten offerings. Pushing intros, fads or any kind of fluff off to the wayside, Anger Machine offers up a wholly blistering and down right infectious brand of thrash that is entirely undeniable.

Pumped full of energy and adrenaline, each offering gets you up and out of your seat and head banging before you know it. Each of the ten offerings that are attached to this title are just as memorable, infectious and heavy as ones that came before. Anger Machine does a great job of incorporating plenty of groove and melody within each track without sacrificing an overall heavy and face melting sound. With each track you become swept off your feet as you dive straight in to a pure thrashing metallic assault from beginning to end, only to be spit out the other side reaching for the play button once more.

Each track is a pummeling and face melting offering that traps you within its fiery ever energy fueled sound never for you to be able to escape until you hear the final note. With ever groove filled yet ripping riffs, blasting drumming, modern throat shredding vocals and great production, Anger Machine offers up a cohesive and incredibly heavy offering with Trail Of The Perished. Not a single track within this release is lacking as each one is a well written and executed juggernaut of thrashing madness.

From the very beginning, Trail Of The Perished sinks its hooks in to you. This offering is an engaging and highly entertaining offering that gets you coming back for more face melting goodness over and over again. Memorable, addictive, infectious, heavy, groove filled, melodious; whatever descriptor you might use for this release, it is all of that and more. Trail Of The Perished is a great release from top to bottom.

Trail Of The Perished will be released July 6.

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