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Oakenform: Agony of the Human World

June 15, 2019

Oakenform: Agony of the Human World

Hailing from Russia comes deathcore machine Oakenform with their debut slab of grisly down tempo deathcore debauchery. Through Agony of the Human World, Oakenform offers you six total tracks of crushing, skull bashing deathcore. As mentioned, Oakenform plays a down tempo brand of deathcore only kicking up the tempo when needed. As down tempo as these tracks are, you really can feel the weight of them bearing down upon you, crushing your bones before you know it. Not only is each track anvil heavy, but Oakenform incorporates a foredboding atmosphere that makes you feel like death stalks oh so closely.

Without intros and fluff, Oakenform shove you head first in to their brand of shattering deathcore. Ever unrelenting in their murky assault, Oakenform bulldozes from one cut to the next burying you under slabs of grisly deathcore. Through Agony of the Human World, each of its six tracks are slower burning making your butchery a slow torture. This release hits hard and each riff and kick of the drums can be felt. Forever bearing down on you, these offerings are massive sonic walls of death and destruction as they hammer you down in to the earth six feet.

As down tempo as each track is, the breakdowns that riddle these offerings are that much more heavy and menacing. The already skull caving sound that Oakenform emits becomes that much more deadly and powerful once a breakdown does hit. As a whole, Agony of the Human World is an incredibly heavy and spine breaking release. Through and through you are provided with offerings that aim to mash you to pieces until you are left as nothing more than strewn viscera.

Agony of the Human World is a very solid and well constructed debut offering from this new deathcore machine. The musicianship is tight and crushing, the vocals are menacing and hellish and the overall production is clean and tight as well. This is a stomping and unrelenting release that marches forth with six foundation shaking tracks that get you bruising your brain in no time at all. Agony of the Human World is a great release that will surely delight deathcore fans all over.

Agony of the Human World is out now!

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